Rates and Payment

Hourly Rates
Instrument Technique Internal User External Academic User Commercial User
Axia Chem SEM  Scanning Electron Microscopy 35 $ 65 $ 110 $
Bruker XRD X-Ray Diffractometer 25 $ 50 $ 75 $
Keyence Optical Microscope Optical Microscopy 20 $ 40 $ 60 $
TRAINING & STAFF 30 $ 60 $ 90 $

Note: training/staff hourly rates will be added to equipment hourly rates.


Payment Instructions:

1) Click here to be directed to the payment page.

2) Complete the form and submit it. Please note that the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields are required. (image below)

UAS Form

3) Find the Material Characterization and Testing Laboratory section. (image below)

UAS MCL Section form


4) Choose the service you would like to use and click on the "Pay Now" button below your desired service.
Note: If you want to use multiple services you will need to make separate payments for each service.

5) Choose the number of hours (Qty) for the service you chose and click "Continue".

Payment page2


6) Choose your payment method and make a payment.