Perspectives Alumni Lightning Talks

In 1973, the founders of Perspectives were inspired by History Departments at major universities to create a student journal. However, unlike other universities, our journal’s goal was to create a publication edited and written by Cal State LA History students. While university support has remained minimal since its inception, Phi Alpha Theta has always championed our journal. Over the years, with the help of our supporters and alumni, Perspectives has grown and evolved into an award-winning publication that has proven to be valuable in showcasing student research, enhancing writing skills, and advancing career trajectories.

In commemoration of our alumni and their achievements, we are presenting a special feature in this year’s semi-centennial Volume to celebrate the successes of those who came before us. The editorial team of Volume 50 has solicited lighting talks from our alumni to highlight their successes, stories, and adventures. Please visit our online-only content, where you can see 3-5 minute lightning talks from participating alumni, sharing their experiences and explaining how their time with Perspectives helped them along their individual journeys. We hope that you enjoy this online special feature, and gain inspiration from the lightning potential of today’s seeds, which will blossom into the successes of tomorrow. 


Nicholas Beyelia


Karina Cardenas


Erwin Delgado


Carrie Glenn


Cassandra Hatton

Cassandra Hatton

Jim Keily


Adam Kendall


Joann Medrano