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Perspectives 51 Class


Published in print and electronically every year, Perspectives is the product of Cal State LA students' upper-division primary source research and HIST 4970, an upper-division course that is responsible for the editing and publishing process. Taught by Dr. Pfleger and sponsored by the Eta Xi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, the journal is published every spring semester with submissions accepted at the end of every fall semester.

We strongly encourage all history students to submit their original research projects and/or enroll in HIST 4970. Please see the submission guidelines for more information.

To receive a copy of a current edition of the journal please visit the Phi Alpha Theta lounge in King Hall C4030.


About The Editors of Volume 51

Perspectives editors are undergraduate and graduate students of Cal State LA History Department, who are also members of the Eta Xi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The editors of Volume 51 have worked diligently to ensure that our articles, special features, and book reviews provide relevant scholarship and contribute to meaningful discussions by the diverse student body of Cal State LA.

We thank our academic advisor Dr. Pfleger for her advisement and commitment to the journal.