The Los Angeles Uprising

The Los Angeles Uprising by Stephanie Wong-Perspectives Vol. 44

This thought-provoking project originated at Cal State LA as part of an Asian-American Studies class on oral history (AAAS 449). My approach examines how the Los Angeles "Riot" was framed and reported on by various news outlets, which termed the events of spring 1992 a "riot." My research shows that many factors led to this historical understanding of events, including racial and economic disparities, immigration policies, police brutality, as well as other forms of social injustice. One of the most significant discoveries was the media bias, which failed to acknowledge the historical and socio-economic background of the events. In addition, news coverage disregarded Latasha Harlins' death, a local woman killed in a liquor store without provocation, as a link to Rodney King's violent arrest. In renaming the event "the Los Angeles Uprising," this project contends that it is time to reexamine what really occurred in the spring of 1992.

Stephanie Wong