Welcome to the Center for Korean-American and Korean Studies

The Center for Korean-American and Korean Studies (CKAKS) is dedicated to serving as a focal point of Korean American and Korean studies in the Los Angeles area. It was initially established to coordinate studies on Korean culture and tradition, to compile data on the Korean-American community and its activities, to systematically analyze and document the achievements and problems of the Korean-American community, and to develop bi-cultural curriculum materials on Koreans and Korean cultural traditions. More specifically, CKAKS' main objectives have been to promote, coordinate, and conduct research and publication activities related to Korean-American and Korean studies; to sponsor conferences, seminars, symposia and exhibits; and to serve as a cultural resource and research center for the local community. Since the Center's establishment in 1979, all these objectives have been achieved.

The Campus

 California State University, Los Angeles, founded in 1947 by action ofthe California State Legislature, is a comprehensive university that offers programs of higher education in more than 50 academic and professional fields. The University is organized into six colleges that house nearly 50 academic departments divisions. Cal State L.A.'s reputation as a center of learning attracts students from all areas of the United States and from many foreign countries. One quarter of Cal State L.A.'s 21,000 students are engaged in postbaccalaureate study in programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees; teaching, service, and specialist credentials; certificates; and other types of programs that prepare them for professional advancement Click here to see where the CSLA campus is located.

Community Involvement

CKAKS has become a major source for the dissemination of information and research for Korean American studies, particularly in the Southern California region. Whenever major events occur that involve or impact the Korean community (such as the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the Virginia Tech Massacre), major news media (e.g., the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, CNN, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Reports, and numerous television networks) call upon CKAKS for expert analysis. 

Moreover, the founder and former director, Dr. Eui-Young Yu, has been actively involved with the local community since he joined Cal State L.A. in1968. He served, for example, as the Chairman of the Koreatown Emergency Relief Committee in the aftermath of the 1992 riots and as past-Chairman of the Korean American Museum. Since March 2001, Dr. Yu has been directing the Korean American Coalition–Census Information Center, a community project involving analysis and dissemination of the data on the Korean-American population from the 2000 Census (KAC-CIC is one of 58 Census Information Centers officially designated by the U.S. Census Bureau). Based on his work for KAC-CIC, Dr. Yu has held a series of news conferences, many of which have resulted in front page and/or feature articles and major news items in Korean TV and newspapers, as well as in the Asian-American press. Tables and data on the Korean American population in the United States are available for downloading on our site.

CKAKS Visiting Scholars Materials

The Center for Korean American and Korean Studies thanks for your interest in applying for its International Visiting Scholar (J-1 Visa) Program. The program is important for the missions of the Center and we welcome your application.


We welcome applications from the following fields.

  • Professors, lecturers and researchers at colleges and universities
  • Officers at the central and local governments, the congress, and the judiciary of Korea

Application Procedures

Step 1    Pre-Screening: Applicants should start the application procedure by sending an email with resume and completed Pre-Screening Form to the Center’s Director ([email protected]). The Center will review the materials and make decisions whether to sponsor the application. Applicants are strongly advised to initiate this step at latest 4 months before their desired start date to allow sufficient time for internal decision-making process and visa application.       

Step 2    Full Application: Selected applicants will receive in an email detailed guidelines of official application procedures and all documents to submit. Invited applicants are strongly advised to submit their completed applications by at latest 3 months before their desired start date. The Center will review all your application materials.

Please note that the Center’s decision to sponsor your application is not yet the final decision of the University. Your application has yet to be approved by the designated university officials (such as the Dean of College of Natural and Social Sciences and the Dean of College of Professional and Global Education).

Step 3  Issuance of Visa Documents: Those applicants who are approved by the University will receive official documents from the International Program of College of Professional and Global Education), generally within 1 month of their submission of the full application package.

All international visiting scholars are required to contribute to the intellectual community of the campus in the following ways:

  • Visiting Scholars Forum: It occurs bi-monthly (4 times a year except winter and summer breaks). All visiting scholars are required to attend all forum activities and make one presentation of the case study they included in their pre-screening application form. The presentation can be made in English or in their own native languages.
  • Quarterly Progress Report: Each visiting scholar is required to submit a quarterly progress report of their proposed research to the Center’s Director. The report can be submitted verbally in person or via Zoom.
  • Meeting with Cal State LA Students: The Center will organize an annual gala event where international visiting scholars share their expertise in their own home country’s history and culture with interested Cal State LA students.
  • Exit Report: Each visiting scholar is required to submit an exit report during the last month of their stay.
  • Participation at the Center’s Activities: The Center for Korean American and Korean Studies holds various academic and cultural activities on Campus. All international visiting scholars are strongly encouraged to attend these events as active members of the Center community.

The Center’s international Visiting Scholars will receive the following support from the Center and the University.

  • Campus ID
  • Campus email address
  • Access to all university facilities (the library, computer labs, etc.)
  • Shared desk space at the Center main office
  •  Academic assistance for proposed research projects