• Monorail drop tower (appropriate for standardized helmet testing)
  • Twin-wire drop apparatus (appropriate for standardized helmet testing)
  • Experimental drop tower (appropriate for studying rotational head/neck dynamics)
  • Various helmet certification headforms (DOT, ISO, ECE) and impact anvils
  • Helmet conditioning equipment (water tank, freezer, ovens)
  • Low-speed crash sled
  • DTS SLICE data acquisition systems
  • Anthropomorphic Test Devices (crash test dummies)
    • Hybrid III 50th percentile male (complete dummy)
    • (3) additional Hybrid III 50th percentile male headforms
    • (2) additional Hybrid III 50th percentile male neckform
  • Custom portable, universal impactor
    • Linear impacts
    • Vertical impacts
  • Pneumatic projectile launcher
  • Mini-impactor (vertical drop stand)
  • M-1 Master chronograph
  • 4 Kodak EktaPro HG Imager Model 2000 high speed digital video cameras (up to 2,000 fps)


  • Two 6-core HP Z620 Workstations
  • One Quad-core HP Z400 Workstation


  • LS-Dyna
  • Radioss
  • Hyperworks Suite
  • Solidworks
  • National Instruments Labview & DIAdem

Additional Departmental Equipment

  • Various rapid prototyping 3D printers
  • Various universal material testing machines
  • Environmental scanning electron microscope