Appendix T

University Pool Vehicles

(President: 4/10/89)
(Editorial Amendment: 9/99, 8/01)

1. Purpose.

To establish the procedure by which the Facilities Services Department will provide and manage university pool vehicles for transportation of employees engaged in official University business.

2. Organizations Affected.

All university administrators, faculty and staff.

3. References.

3.1 State Administrative Manual (SAM), sections 4100 et seq.
3.2 Board of Control Rules, Administrative Code, Title 2, Article 15, sections 840-845.
3.3 California State Vehicle Code.
3.4. State University Administrative Manual (SUAM).
3.5.  Periodic directives issued by the executive branch of the State of California.

4. Policy.

To provide university pool vehicles for necessary transportation of University and other authorized personnel on University business in an efficient and cost effective manner, the Facilities Services Department will affect the following procedures for use of University pool vehicles by employees:

4.1. Any department using a vehicle from the University pool will be billed according to the current rates and charges schedule prepared by the Facilities Services Department.

4.2. All persons who are authorized to certify employees for use of vehicles and equipment are responsible for ensuring that the operator is an employee of the State of California, is certified to use the vehicle, and possesses a valid California driver's license. Signed certification to this effect must be made to and witnessed by the Vehicle Clerk, Facilities Services Department, or University Public Safety Department.

4.3 Only employees engaged in official University business are permitted to drive pool vehicles.

4.4 All frequent (more than once a month) vehicles operators must attend and successfully complete an approved defensive driving course at least once every four years (SAM, section 0750.1).

4.5 Each employee who drives a University vehicle must sign the Vehicle Reservation and Trip Authorization form (Administrative Manual, Appendix 8.2) in the presence of the Vehicle Clerk.  Driver must also present a valid driver's license and a defensive driver certificate.

4.6 The University assumes no responsibility for any passenger, who is not on official state business, traveling in pool vehicles. The driver's own personal auto insurance should cover accident-related medical expenses of such passengers.

4.7 An employee shall be liable to the State for the actual costs to the State attributable to his or her misuse of the State-owned motor vehicle (Administrative Code, Title 2, section 843). Misuse of a State vehicle could result in denial of further use of State vehicles or disciplinary action as appropriate.

5. Definitions.

5.1 Department Head - The person authorized to approve department expenditures for University-related business travel.

5.2 Employee - Administrators, faculty, staff, "volunteer employees," teaching assistants, and student assistants only while on the University payroll, when operating a pool vehicle. "Volunteer employees" must be so designated by the Director of Personnel Management and Services. Exceptions to this section must be arranged by the Director of Administrative Management and Services.

5.3 Operator - The authorized employee responsible for the use of a designated vehicle, the "driver" named of on the Vehicle Reservation and Trip Authorization form.

5.4 University Vehicle Pool - Sedans, station wagons, vans, and pickups, both University-owned and leased from the State Fleet Administration.

6. Responsibilities.

6.1 The Facilities Services Department will:

6.1.1 Provide and control pool vehicles, including setting rates, regulations, and procedures.
6.1.2 Retain custody and control of General Service Charge Cards (Form GS971) issued to Cal State L.A.
6.1.3 Establish the user rates and charges schedule, which may be adjusted at any time in accord with operating costs and in consultation with the Director of Facilities Services.
6.1.4 Send monthly billings to Accounting for each user department, with a copy to the department.

6.1.5  Receive the properly signed Vehicle Registration and Trip Authorization Forms from user department heads (Administrative Manual, Appendix 8.2).
6.1.6  Receive vehicle reservation cancellations calls until 4:30 p.m. weekdays, and emergency breakdown, and repair estimate calls until 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

6.2 The Director of Facilities Services will:

6.2.1 Determine exceptions to section 5.2, Employee.
6.2.2 Consult with Facilities Services to determine the user rates and charges schedule.
6.2.3 Initiate complaints for disciplinary actions, as appropriate.

6.3 The Department Head or Chair will:

6.3.1 Authorize employee use of pool vehicles according to authorized procedures.
6.3.2 Sign the Vehicle Reservation and Trip Authorization form prior to receipt of keys, etc., by operator (Administrative Manual, Appendix 8.2).
6.3.3 Make arrangements for a vehicle from the State pool if a University pool vehicle is unavailable for the operator.

6.4 Public Safety will:

6.4.1 Provide logistical support services to vehicle users and the Facilities Services Department.
6.4.2 Coordinate the issuance and return of vehicle keys; log book packet, including Forms 273, 269, and 270, credit card; Trip/Daily Operator Checklist; and valid driver's license and a defensive driving certification form during non-business hours of   Facilities Services.
6.4.3 Supervise pool vehicles parked in the south entrance of Physical Sciences Lot "B" level parking structure.
6.4.4 Receive calls from vehicle operators regarding accident reports any time,adjusted time of return and reasons for delay calls after 4:30 p.m. weekdays, weekends, and holidays; and emergency breakdown and repair estimate calls

after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, holidays.                                                                                                                                                                    

6.4.5 Receive and verify reports by operator on missing items and needed repairs.

6.5  The Accounting Office will receive monthly process billing from the Facilities Services Department and invoice user department accounts on a monthly basis.

6.6  Insurance Adjusters will receive injury accident reports as listed on Form 269.

6.7 Vehicle Operators will:

6.7.1 Provide information needed for operation certification.
6.7.2 Complete and sign required forms.
6.7.3 Follow authorized procedures for receiving, using, and returning University property.
6.7.4 Provide personal auto insurance to cover accident-related medical expenses for any passenger who is not on official State business.

7. Procedures.

The procedures listed below are intended to assist university departments and operators of pool vehicles by outlining instructions pertinent to reservations and scheduling; pickup, use and return of vehicles; billing; and policy and procedure changes.

7.1 Reservations and Scheduling.

7.1.1 Reservation of vehicles must be made and a request form forwarded to the Office of Facilities Services at least three work days in advance of the trip. The following information must be submitted when calling to reserve a vehicle:

(a) operator's name and department;
(b) destination;
(c) date and time of pickup and return;
(d) period of time vehicle will be needed
(e) type of vehicle
(f) operator's campus telephone number; and
(g) department to be charged and account number.

7.1.2 If a cancellation is necessary, the user department will notify the Vehicle Clerk as soon as possible for rescheduling, (323) 343-3443 or 3444. Failure of notification may deprive someone else of using the vehicle.

7.1.3 To ensure that costs are charged to the user department, all Vehicle Reservation and Trip Authorization forms must include the account number of the user department. Vehicles will not be issued without this account number.

7.1.4 Should a vehicle not be available from the University pool, the user's department head or chair may obtain one directly from the local State Garage Pool (on a reimbursable basis), located at 122 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, (213) 620-4454. A General Services Charge Card must be obtained from Facilities Services by means of a "Vehicle Request Form" in order to check out a vehicle from the State Garage Pool.

7.1.5 Facilities Services has custody and control of General Services Charge Cards (Form GS 971) issued to California State University, Los Angeles. These cards are available for official use only, and strict accountability must be ensured by the authorized user. The credit card may be used only for the assigned vehicle and only by the person to whom it has been issued in accordance with the approve request.

7.1.6 The following information must be submitted on a Vehicle Reservation and Trip Authorization form prior to the operator obtaining keys and logbook packets. The form must be approved by the Department Head and properly signed before being brought to the Vehicle Clerk.

(a) date of trip;
(b) driver's name and department;
(c) destination;
(d)  account number;
(e) Department Head's signature and approval date.

7.2 Pickup, Use, and Return of Vehicle.

7.2.1 Keys and logbook packets are to be picked up at and returned to Facilities Services, Building T.  Operators will return keys and logbook packets to Facilities Services in person not through the mail. After normal business hours, return items to Public Safety.

7.2.2 Vehicles must be returned by the date and time indicated on the request to permit the next user to have access as scheduled. If for any reason the vehicle cannot be returned on time, operators will call (323) 343-3443 or 3-3444. After office hours, (4:30 p.m.) call Public Safety to report the reason for delay and time of return.  If a vehicle is returned more than one hour late without notification, a letter will be sent to the user's department/division chair or school coordinator.

7.2.3 Vehicles will be picked up at and returned to the south entrance Physical Sciences "B" level parking structure.

7.2.4 Operators must:

(a) show a California driver's license and defensive driving certificate to Vehicle Clerk;
(b) obtain keys and logbook packet from Facilities Services during business hours and Public Safety during non- business hours;
(c) fill out the Trip and Chargeback Log;
(d) inspect car for air in tires, gas, seat belts, brakes, mirrors, jack, usable spare tire, etc.

7.2.5 Prior to beginning the trip, operators will check the logbook packets for the following items and will report missing items to the Vehicle Clerk before departure:

(a) Form 273 - Official Monthly Travel Log);
(b) Form 269 - Accident Identification Card;
(c) Form 270 - Report of Vehicle Accident;
(d) credit card;
(e) Trip/Daily Operator Checklist;
(f) Vehicle Pool Procedures summary.

7.2.6 Scheduled users will examine both exterior and interior of the vehicle for existing or potential problems prior to departure from campus. Problems noted should be reported as soon as possible to the Vehicle Clerk using the Trip/Daily Operator Checklist in the travel log book. If a problem is encountered with the vehicle en route, defects posted about the vehicle should be listed and turned in with the keys.

7.2.7 Petroleum Credit Card:  Operators will safeguard credit cards issued with the vehicle. Posted on the dashboard of each vehicle is a decal listing oil companies where purchases are authorized. Gasoline receipts should be left in the glove compartment during travel and turned in to the Vehicle Clerk upon return. Small items such as light bulbs, fan belts, radiator hoses, wiper blades, fuses, gas tank caps, transmission fluid, tire valve cores, or spark plugs (not sets), may be purchased by credit card in emergencies only. All such purchases must be reported to Facilities Services.

7.2.8 There may arise an occasion when the user may pay out-of-pocket for minor emergency road service. This may be necessary if the vendor does not accept the credit card. Upon returning, the user submits, along with all paid invoices, the reason for payment to the Vehicle Clerk. Reimbursement will then be made as expeditiously as the State permits.

7.2.9 Emergencies - Breakdowns:  Operators will call Facilities Services at (323) 343-3440, collect, if necessary, during regular business hours. If possible, obtain an estimated cost of repairs before calling. If the estimate is less than $100, you may proceed with the repairs and, upon completion, bring the bill to Facilities Services on return to campus. If the estimated repair cost exceeds $100, call Facilities Services immediately and await instructions. Do not proceed with repairs. On weekdays after 4:30 p.m., weekends, and holidays, call University Police at (213) 224-3411, and proceed as above.

7.2.10 Accidents:  For reporting vehicle accidents, operators will read and follow instructions on Form 269 located in the logbook packet. The operator will complete the identification card section, detach and give to the other driver. Any statements or admissions concerning the accident should be reported to University or State officials following the reporting procedures set forth in this section. Notify Facilities Services or University Police immediately. If someone has been injured, also notify the Insurance Adjusters as listed on Form 269. If the vehicle cannot be driven, have it towed to a garage in line with the make of car being driven. e.g., Ford automobile to Ford garage). Should local automobile agencies or the local State garage be closed, have the vehicle towed to the nearest service station for storage parking, secure the vehicle and notify campus of the location.

The total repair bill is to be forwarded to the University: Facilities Services Department, Cal State L.A., 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032.

A Report of Automobile Accident, Form 270, must be completed at the Facilities Services office immediately upon return. Regardless of how minor, it is advisable to complete the accident form for your protection and that of the University. All items, 1 through 70, are to be answered or acknowledged. The University assumes no responsibility for any passenger not on official State business, traveling in pool vehicles.

7.2.11 Overnight Parking:  It is against state policy (Board of Control Rule 842) to take a vehicle to the operator's home before or after a trip except as authorized below:

(a) Overnight parking at an employee's residence is permissible only when departing on or returning from an official trip under circumstances which make it impractical for the employee to use other means of transportation, or when the employee's home is reasonably en route to or from the agency headquarters or other place where work will commence the following day (Board of Control Rule 842). When such situations occur, the vehicle shall be parked off the street, in the employee's driveway, garage, or other location which removes it from the street, thus reducing the hazards of accidental damage theft, or vandalism (SAM, section 4193).

(b) All vehicles being stored away from the University campus must be logged in the Official Monthly Travel Log (Form 273) at the end of each day, giving storage place (e.g., State Garage, hotel, street address, etc.). Vehicles parked in a General Services State Garage are charged for parking. An accurate record of mileage must be kept on all trips, giving starting and ending mileage, time and destination, and where stored overnight. The log is to be filled in completely for each trip, regardless of the duration, miles driven, or the purpose. If the trip is longer than one day, a new line entry for each day must be made.

7.3 Billing - Departments will be billed on a monthly basis for all charges registered on the various departments' Allotment/Expenditure Ledgers. The current Rates and Charges Schedule, is contained in Appendix 8.1of the Administrative Manual. The Director of Facilities Services initiates complaints on behalf of the University to recover costs and damages from an operator for carelessness, misuse, or intentional damage to a pool vehicle.

7.4 Investigation of Misuse.

7.4.1 Within thirty calendar days after having reasonable cause to believe that misuse of a State-owned vehicle has occurred, or having been notified by the Department of General Services of such alleged misuse, the Director of Facilities Services will, without a formal hearing, initiate and complete a preliminary investigation as outlined in Board of Control Rule 844 to determine whether misuse occurred, the employee responsible for such misuse, whether punitive action should be taken and the actual costs to the State attributable to such misuse.

7.4.2 The Director of Facilities Services will submit the preliminary decision to the Department of General Services on form FAD 18, with the report of the investigation attached, within five days after concluding the investigation. A copy of form FAD 18 and the investigation report will be served on the employee.

7.4.3 The Director of Facilities Services will review preliminary decisions according to the provisions of Board of Control Rule 844(f).

7.5 Procedure Changes

Requests and suggestions for changes or improvements in the regulations are to be submitted to the Director of Facilities Services.