Appendix E

Policy for Use of Campus Facilities

(Senate: 7/11/67; President: 7/12/67)

Campus facilities shall be made available for the use of faculty and recognized on-campus student groups and outside groups under the conditions set forth in the following definitions, rules, and codes.

  1. When a faculty or recognized on-campus student group encumbers a facility (whatever the purpose), it will pay all costs for services provided in conjunction with "out-of-pocket" costs.

    a. Out-of-pocket costs are to include direct salary expense incurred as the result of the particular event for on-campus groups. Hours worked on an event shall be, by definition, overtime and will be charged at time and one-half.

    b. Such costs shall also include any repair of equipment and physical plant required beyond that incurred by normal wear and tear, and shall include prorated depreciation costs for expendable accessories.

  2. No charge shall be made to all faculty and recognized on-campus student groups for any equipment utilized. However, responsible use of the equipment is implied in making it available to faculty, student, and staff groups.
  3. Prior event charges must be paid in full before any subsequent request for facilities by the same group will be approved.
  4. Fourteen calendar days' notice will be required for all facilities use requests requiring rooms of over 205 capacity.
  5. For the purposes of facilities utilization, recognized on-campus student groups are those whose names appear on the roster of student organizations published and maintained by the Office of Student Programs and Housing.
  6. Definition of faculty status:

    a. Faculty status for the purpose of facilities utilization includes all members of the full-time teaching staff, the President, the Vice Presidents, Deans, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, and professional employees in Administration, Library, and Student Affairs.

    Whenever the classification of a position as to faculty status is in doubt, the question shall be referred to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for decision.

    b. For the purpose of use of facilities, a faculty group will be defined as one of the following:

    1. any faculty group granted honorary membership in the Academic Senate;
    2. ad hoc faculty-sponsored groups whose purposes are consistent with the Administrative Code; and
    3. any professional or scholarly organization which holds its national, regional, or local meeting on the university campus; whenever the status of a group is in doubt, the question shall be referred to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for decision in consultation with the President of the University.
  7. Requests for use of facilities by outside groups may be considered providing said group falls within one of the following categories as defined by the Education Code.

    a. A governmental agency.
    b. A nonprofit, charitable, educational, or a character-building organization.
    c. A group or individual for educational or non-commercial purpose.

    Outside groups are defined as any group which holds a function on campus which is not sponsored by the University.

  8. Definitions of off-campus group activities that would not be allowed to use the facilities as governed by section 89046 of the Education Code and as interpreted by UCAM, section 2651, include but are not limited to:

    a. Activities primarily of a social nature; e.g., dances, concerts, parties, and dinners.
    b. Political rallies.

  9. Rental fees for on-campus student groups -- rental fees are not to be assessed against recognized on-campus student groups where the following conditions are met:

    a. All fees collected by the group generated as the result of an activity where an admission charge is made must be deposited and administered through established channels as defined by the Office of Student Programs and Housing.

    b. Funds collected must be disbursed only for the purpose for which the group is organized and compatible with the objectives defined in the charters granted student organizations.

  10. Rental fees for off-campus groups -- rental fees shall be charged for the following facilities according to fee schedules authorized by code and policy and reviewed by the Fiscal Policy Committee.

    a. Athletic facilities.
    b. Conference rooms, classrooms, and lecture halls.
    c. Auditoriums and theaters.
    d. Media Production Services.

  11. The Associate Vice President for Administration shall act as the agent to implement these policies according to the fee schedule established under Trustee policy.
  12. Parking.

    a. Persons coming to campus to perform a service to the University without remuneration (e.g., speakers, musicians, commercial consultants, or medical professionals) shall be provided courtesy parking. Prior arrangements should be made with University Police to provide parking for these persons.

    b. Persons coming to campus to perform a service to the University for remuneration (e.g., teacher substitutes, general sales, coaches, or speakers) shall pay for their parking.

    c. Persons coming to campus to receive a service (e.g., placement, counseling, admissions, advisement, or information) shall pay for their parking.

  13. It is recognized that from time to time there may be requests for use of campus facilities, including parking, where the application of policy and the fee schedule would be inappropriate. In such cases it is assumed that the University will act as co-sponsor for the event and only direct costs would be charged. Such determination shall be made by the President or designee.

Procedures for Scheduling the Use of Campus Facilities

(President: 5/6/76, 7/20/79)

General Policy

All individuals and organizations must arrange for the use of university facilities through the Central Reservations Office, University-Student Union, including events open to the public scheduled at any hour of any day of any week. Only by this means can a Master Calendar for the campus be maintained in the Central Reservations Office.

This applies to invitations extended to tour groups and visitors to the campus in excess of 50 individuals. Food Services and University Police will be notified by the Central Reservations Office of any expected increase of persons on campus.

Programs which are a part of normal classroom activities held in regularly scheduled classrooms, as well as department and faculty meetings, need not be cleared for inclusion in the Master Calendar.

Items for the published calendars (Office of Student Programs and Housing, University Times, Faculty Bulletin) will be derived from information contained in the Master Calendar. Sponsors of activities and events retain the option to have their events excluded from the printed calendars if such requests are made at the time events are scheduled.


  1. No facility shall be scheduled for use until the applicant has completed the scheduling application form obtained from Central Reservations.
  2. The scheduled event will be placed on the Master Calendar as "tentative," after the date has been cleared with the facility manager. (This does not necessarily mean that event has received final approval.)
  3. The application form is to be circulated, as appropriate, for facility manager's approval, set-up-requirements, cost estimates, approval of the Vice President for Administration, security and parking arrangements, Vice President's approval, and any special arrangements required.
  4. When appropriate, the event will be designated "confirmed" in the Master Calendar.
  5. Copies of confirmed application requests will be distributed as required.

The Central Reservations Office staff will assist in all aspects of planning, but under no circumstances shall assume the final role of authorizing or denying the use of any facility.

Scheduling On-Campus Tables

(President: 3/9/79)

Policy and Procedures.

  1. The use of tables by recognized student organization is to be scheduled through the Central Reservations Office, located in the University-Student Union, Room 234.
  2. The areas that normally can be scheduled for tables are the Union walkway and Los Arcos walkway.
  3. King Hall walkway will not be used by organizations for any activity except Associated Students General Elections.
  4. Interim procedures for providing tables in areas other than the Union walkway will be taken care of by Plant Operations, pending installation of permanent tables.
  5. The Union will provide tables in the Union walkway in accordance with established policy.