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We view our school as an extension of each child’s family. As such, we work to develop a genuine partnership with parents. Parent participation and involvement is a significant aspect of our program.


  • Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s school life through parent participation, classroom visits, and daily communication with teachers.
  • Family events are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Ongoing opportunities are available for families and staff to exchange ideas, share information, and learn from each other.

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Our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) serves to foster a parent involvement connection between families at the center and to conduct fund raising to support educational enrichment activities for the children and teaching staff. In addition, the PAC serves to further link families and staff together to enrich our children’s lives. All parents are welcome to participate in PAC meetings and events.


Parent involvement is a critical component of our program. It adds to the quality of both the parent and child’s school experience. Children benefit tremendously when their parents are involved in their school. Parent involvement teaches children that their parent’s value school and find it important enough to give of their time and energy. Parent participation further gives parents the opportunity to feel important and involved in their child’s education and supports open communication between teacher and parents. For these reasons we have mandatory parent participation which requires that each family contribute their time and skills for a minimum of one “job” per quarter.

Here is a list of possible ways for parents to be involved in our program:

  • Volunteer in a classroom. Parents are encouraged to visit a classroom to read to children, assist with a special project, care for the classroom pet or share a talent or expertise with our children.
  • Volunteer to help with center events. There are many opportunities throughout the year for parents to assist with center-wide activities. These include our fall family potluck, picture day, hearing screening or health check days, and the spring open house.
  • Volunteer to complete a project at home. Parents can run errands, develop film, clean or mend classroom materials or do sewing projects. There are a variety of ways to be involved without working directly at the school.
  • Volunteer to help with school facility projects. Parents who are skilled at carpentry or handy with tools can help with repair jobs or yard improvement throughout the school.
  • Volunteer to work in our garden. Parents with a green thumb can oversee the development of classroom gardens. This is a great opportunity to work with teachers and children on an outdoor project.
  • Volunteer to Create Your Own Job. This job is one in which the parent decides what to do (along with the teacher and/or administrator). This could be sharing of your talents or skills in some way. Examples are playing guitar to the children in the classroom, doing face or henna painting, facilitating creative movement experiences, or bringing in a specialist to do something in the school.
  • Join our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Members of the PAC plan fund raising events to provide enrichment programs for the children at the Center. They also organize the annual Staff Appreciation events and host periodic workshops on parenting topics. In addition, the PAC promotes parent involvement throughout the center.
  • Participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences. Formal parent-teacher conferences are offered at least twice per year. These offer an opportunity for more in-depth discussion between parents and teachers. Conferences focus on children’s growth and development as well as their success in our program.

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Child Care Resource and Referral (R&R)

Child Care Resource and Referral (R&R) agencies are located in every county in California. Over the last four decades, R&R services have evolved from a grassroots effort to help parents find child care, to a well-developed system that supports parents, providers, and local communities in finding, planning for, and providing affordable, quality child care. The state, through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, has supported these efforts since 1976.

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