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Welcome to the Student and Finance Service Centers website. This area is comprised of five offices: Cashier's, Disbursement, Student Loan Services & Collections, Golden Eagle One Card Office and the Service Center. This website will provide useful information relating to each office and the services they provide. Please browse to discover what student services are available and how we may assist you with your questions.

It is the mission of the Student and Finance Service Centers area to provide quality service to the University community. We will continue to seek innovative and more efficient methods of conducting business. Quality customer service will be provided to everyone in a friendly and courteous manner. We will provide accurate information if we know it, and endeavor to find the correct answer if we do not. We will seek to resolve the problem, or we will direct the person to the correct area to solve that situation if we cannot. We will strive to keep all students, faculty, and staff informed of policies and procedures that affect them. Our goal is excellence in all we do to assist the University community.

Ronnie Wills, Student and Finance Service Centers Director