In its twenty-first year of operation, the Institute and its activities have advanced the mission of “Intervention with and prevention of child abuse and family violence through professional education and training,” growing in its reach every year.

The Institute’s purpose is to promote effective prevention of, and intervention in, child abuse and domestic violence by providing interdisciplinary educational training and policy development programs, and state-of-the-art resources for students, professionals, and the community. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between the University and community agencies by identifying the University as a focal point and resource within the community, county, and state, and international communities for the provision of professional education and research in child abuse and domestic violence. A broad scope of interdisciplinary educational training, research, and field placement opportunities as well as programs are available to prepare individuals to provide effective multidisciplinary health and human services to maltreated children and their families. The Institute also offers training to the community in child abuse and family violence and has partnered with the California Forensic Science Institute (CFSI) to deliver training to child abuse professionals in the area of child fatalities and child abuse reporting.

The Child Abuse and Family Violence Institute has many components including:

  • The CSULA Juvenile Court Partnership - This is a collaboration of the LA County Juvenile Court and the entire CSULA. It is under Dr. Friend’s direction and it is dedicated to promoting joint opportunities for research, education and service learning. This Partnership seeks to provide educational and training exchanges between each of our institutions. Every year we collaborate on the New Beginnings for Partnership Conference, now known as the Dr. Hershel Swinger Memorial Partnership Conference. From its inception in 1988, it has grown to encompass:
    • Formal internship opportunities (focused on either service or research)
    • Service learning opportunities
    • The 16th Annual Dr. Hershel Swinger Memorial Partnership Conference (the conference will continue in 2017)
    • An information/resource center
    • Expert speaker list
    • Exchanges between Juvenile Court experts and CSULA Faculty for training and guest lectures
  • Presence of an on-campus resource center for child maltreatment and family violence
  • An outreach campaign for our “Court Scholars” who are CSULA students, who have had some firsthand experience with the foster care system.  These students are assisted by our office Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), under the leadership of Steve Wilson.  Click this link for more information:

In addition, the Child Abuse and Family Violence Institute participates in ongoing research, evaluation and training in collaboration with:

  • USC’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (located at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital
  • First 5 Los Angeles
  • The Los Angeles University Consortium for Children and Families
  • The California Forensic Science Institute
  • California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (CAPSAC)