Dear Students, Faculty and Staff

These are some of the most common forms used by students within College of Arts and Letters and the university. The College will gradually post many of these forms in this central location; this in order to provide all of our constituencies with easy access, to facilitate the processes of the college and the university. If you do not find the form that you are looking for please try the policies link. If it is not there, please contact the main office of your department or the primary academic advisor in your department.


Add Form | Download PDF

Application for Advancement to Candidacy GS-10 | Download PDF

Behavior Report | Download MS Excel File

Course Substitution Form | Download MS Excel file

Directed Study forms:

Drop Form | Download PDF

Faculty Travel Form | Download MS Excel file

General Academic Petition Form | Download PDF

Grade Appeal/Academic Grievance Policy | Download PDF

Grade Appeal/Academic Grievance Form | Download PDF

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Work | Download PDF

Graduate Studies Forms | Link

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Form | Download PDF

Overlap Form | Download PDF

Overload Form | Download PDF

Petition to Substitute Alternate Criteria for the CSULA Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (WPE) | Download PDF

Request for Thesis or Project Committee GS-12 | Download PDF

Special Major Application | Download PDF

Student Discipline Report Form | Download PDF

Student Film Shoot Guidelines | Please visit the Risk Management website

Student-Student Discipline Report Form | Download PDF

University Academic Advisement Center