University Academic Advisement Center

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MISSION STATEMENT The University Academic Advisement Center (UAAC) is committed to the success of Cal State LA's undergraduate students by providing effective academic advising services, resources, and planning tools to support their timely graduation. In a supportive environment, the UAAC empowers all students to take ownership of their education through comprehensive academic advising while assisting students to determine their own success at the university as an engaged student, active learner, and self-advocate.

The UAAC is the advisement center for Undeclared students. The UAAC Advisors assist all undergraduate students with the following:

  • General education advisement and course selection
  • Information on university policies & procedures
  • Transfer credit advisement
  • Help with university general education petitions
  • Referrals to other University Student Support Services

We also serve faculty and staff seeking information or clarification about University policies and procedures.

For questions or issues regarding a major, please contact your major department advisor.






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