Undergraduate Studies

Student Learning Centers

Academic Advisement Center

The home for Undeclared students, Academic Advisement Center Advisors assist all undergraduate students with the following:

  • General education advisement and course selection
  • Information on university policies & procedures
  • Transfer credit advisement
  • Help with university general education petitions
  • Referrals to other University Student Support Services
  • Contact 323-343-3150 for more information


Smart Start

The Smart Start program offers exciting academic courses and social activities for incoming freshmen and transfer students to enhance educational and personal experiences on the Cal State LA campus.  Students have the opportunity to select courses that place them into learning communities, connecting them with other first year students who will be sharing professors, tutors, and advisors in a supportive environment.  Contact 323-343-3184 for more information.

Testing Center

The Testing Center offers many services to all Cal State LA students.  The Center administers exams for the purpose of admissions, class placement, graduation competency, professional school entrance exams, and licenses, credentials and professional certifications.  Some of the exams include EPT, ELM Math Exit exams, GWAR, Subject GRE, MCAT, and many others.  Contact 323-343-3160 for more information.

Tutorial Center

The Tutorial Center strives to help Cal State LA students better prepare, improve their knowledge and understanding, and develop skills required for a successful college career.  Contact 323-343-3971 for more information. 

Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Tutorial Center:
Be Strategic and improve and succeed
Find help in a friendly environment
Increase yoru knowledge and understanding
Develop your critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills
Learn techniques for better time-management, note-taking and test-taking

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers a variety of services to the entire Cal State LA student body. You can come in with any type of writing assignment at any stage of the process. We can help you understand the assignment, organize, and revise your paper. We can even help you learn to proofread for your most common mistakes. While you can drop in for tutoring, the best way to get one-on-one feedback is to make an appointment. The process is on our Tutoring Services page. In addition to one-to-one tutoring for students, we also offer support for the WPE, English 100, and Summer Bridge.  Contact 323-343-5350 for more information.