Publications - Fall 2015

Everyday Life In Russia Past and Present Bookcover

Choi Chatterjee (History) was one of the editors for a recently-released book, Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present, published by Indiana U. Press, Feb. 2015.

Domnita Dumitrescu (Emerita, Modern Languages and Literatures) authored “On the Translations of Carlos Fuentes into Romanian,” in The Reptant Eagle: Essays on Carlos Fuentes and the Art of the Novel, ed. by Roberto Cantú, published by Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015. She also authored “Dude was figureando hard: El cambio y la fusión de códigos en la obra de Junot Díaz,” 2014. It was written for the Perspectives in the study of Spanish language variation: Papers in honor of Carmen Silva-Corvalán. This project was done for the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

International Review of Psychiatry

Gaithri Fernando (Psychology) served as guest editor for the International Review of Psychiatry special issue on South Asian mental health, “Attempting to Bridge the 10/90 Divide: Special Issue on South Asian Mental Health,” June, 2015. It is the first issue of its kind on South Asian mental health in an international journal authored by South Asian researchers. The articles range from gene x environment interaction effects on depression to culture-specific aspects (e.g. satvic temperament) of resilience.

The 21st Century Singer

Susan Kane (Music, Theater, and Dance) recently had a book published by Oxford University Press, The 21st Century Singer- Making the Leap from the University into the World.  It was released in January of this year.

Patrick Krug (Biological Sciences) coauthored a research article, "Species Selection Favors Dispersive Life Histories in Sea Slugs, but Higher Per-Offspring Investment Drives Shifts to Short-Lived Larvae," in the Systematic Biology bimonthly journal of the Society of Systematic Biologists, July, 2015.

Professor Seonagh Odhiambo

Seonagh Odhiambo (Music, Theatre and Dance) is on the editorial board of The Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities, published by Intellect, 2015.

Professor Ramey

Lauri Ramey (English) authored a new book, What I Say: Innovative Poetry by Black Writers in America, co-edited with Aldon Lynn Nielsen, and it was published by University of Alabama Press in June, 2015. She also wrote a poem, “Los Angeles, You’re Not," in the Spectrum: An Anthology of Southern California Poets, ed. Don Kingfisher Campbell, that was published by Spectrum Publishing, September 2015. She also co-authored an essay, “Paul Laurence Dunbar,” with Joanne M. Braxton, in The Cambridge Companion to American Poetry, ed. Mark Richardson, published by Cambridge University Press, October, 2015.

Pedro Ramirez (Geosciences and Environment) coauthored a research paper, “Isotopic ordering in eggshells reflects body temperatures and suggests differing thermophysiology in two Cretaceous dinosaurs,” in the journal, Nature Communications, October 15, 2015.
Professor Martin Schiesl

Martin Schiesl (Emeritus, History) authored articles on African American civil rights activists Virna Mae Canson, Walter Arthur Gordon, James Lionel Tolbert, and Nathan Wright, Jr., and an article on African American civil rights activist and medical expert Raymond L. Johnson, Sr., which were posted on the website, 2014-15.