Shelf Life


The Shelf Life Looking for an interesting read? Browse our list of recent publications by faculty of Cal State L A

You Are Why You Eat
Using food as a metaphor, this book takes a fresh and edgy approach to self-help.

Ramani Durvasula, professor of psychology, foreword by Vanessa Williams

The Reptant Eagle
This collection of essays covers the life of Carlos Fuentes, one of the most prominent novelists in contemporary Mexico and Latin America.

Robert Cantú, professor emeritus of Chicano studies and English

Consumer Health
Professor London and his co-authors use science-based facts and guidelines to assist readers with choosing health care products and services.

William M. London, professor of public health, Stephen Barrett, Manfred Kroger, Harriet Hall, and Robert S. Baratz


There Will Come A Time
This novel follows the life of Mark, who struggles to accept the loss of his twin sister, Grace. Mark and Grace’s best friend, Hanna, commit themselves to finishing Grace’s bucket list.

Carrie Arcos (’07 M.A.), lecturer, English

Places For Passion
Using social science principles and research, this book helps couples use romantic travel to sustain passion and build memories.

Pepper Schwartz and Janet Lever, professor of sociology

The Chemistry of Alchemy
Professor Goldwhite and his co-authors explore the mysticism and alchemy of the beginnings of chemistry. This history includes do-it-yourself experiments and historical profiles.

Harold Goldwhite, professor emeritus, Cathy Cobb and Monty L. Fetterolf