Paying For College

Paying For School

Paying for College

Pricing it out

Education is an investment—and it’s one that doesn’t come cheap. But that’s not to say an affordable education that gives you a hands-on learning environment, a network of contacts and future career opportunities has to be out of reach.

At Cal State L.A. you can have it all: a top-tier academic, social and educational experience at a price you can afford. The University has one of the lowest fees in the country.

The typical cost per year without financial aid for a full-time, in-state undergraduate student is:

Campus Fees - $4,846

Room & Board - $9,105

Books & Supplies - $1,620

Transportation - $1,140

Misc. (personal) - $ 2,898

TOTAL - $19,609

For information on fees for out-of-state, credential and post-bac programs, check out the cost of attendance.

Need money?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to help pay for school. From private scholarships, to grants, work study programs, and need-based loans, the University’s financial aid advisors can help you find the necessary resources to pay for your education.

  • 83 percent of full-time undergraduates received need-based financial aid in 2008-09
  • The average financial-aid package for the year was $7,245
  • The average need-based loan for the year was $6,205

Where to start?

Important Links:

FAQs: Frequently asked question about financial aid

PHONE: 323-343-6260