Calling for Student Success Stories

March 16, 2016

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs at Cal State LA is seeking students to highlight in our University's Commencement publicity. Some of these students will be featured on our website and included in President Covino's Commencement speeches. Some of the stories will also be pitched to media organizations.

Our goal is to have a representative group of students who have excelled academically and have been involved in interesting activities on and off campus. We are hoping to avoid stories that focus solely on overcoming hardships or being a first-generation graduate, as this is true for a majority of our students.

We are hoping to receive the names, emails and cell phone numbers of your students, as well as a two paragraph summary for each. Please include the following information:

  • Age of student
  • Major
  • Graduate or undergraduate
  • Student’s class ranking
  • Student’s GPA
  • Internships, fellowships, scholarships received by student
  • Publications or presentations
  • Other extracurricular activities

Please submit the information to the Cal State LA Office of Communications and Public Affairs by April 15 via email at [email protected].