Below you will find answers to the most common questions faculty ask about developing writing intensive (wi) courses.

When do the new General Education (GE) requirements, which include the writing-intensive course requirement, go into effect?

How is a wi course defined at Cal State LA?

 How are writing-intensive courses defined more generally?

 What is “writing to learn”?

 What are some examples of writing to learn activities?

 What are some of the distinguishing characteristics of writing-intensive courses?

 Is every program required to offer a writing-intensive course?

 Does the writing-intensive course replace the upper division writing course in the major?

 Can a program use its existing upper division writing course in the major to satisfy the requirement that students take one writing-intensive course in the major?

 How is a course certified as a writing-intensive (wi) course at Cal State LA?

 When are course proposals for writing-intensive (wi) courses due?

 Can a non-GE course be designated as (wi) if it is less than 3 units?

 Are any resources available to help with designing a writing-intensive course?