WI Course Proposal Criteria

Proposals for courses designated as writing-intensive (wi) should provide

  1. Clear evidence that the student learning outcomes specified below are being taught and assessed
  2. Course content in outline form that demonstrates adequate time devoted to teaching and assessing the outcomes

Additionally, proposals for wi courses might include evidence of specific training, currency and/or experience in the basic intellectual and pedagogic competencies in the specific block or designated area.

Writing-Intensive Course Student Learning Outcomes
Each course proposal should clearly demonstrate that these student learning outcomes are sufficiently being taught and assessed.
By the end of the term, students should

  1. Be able to use both formal (such as essays, reports, and research writing) and informal (such as brainstorming, free-writing, and reading responses) writing strategies to develop their understanding of course content and to think critically about that content.
  2. Be able to use drafting, revising, editing and other writing processes to demonstrate their mastery of course content through formal writing products appropriate to the discipline, such as thesis-driven essays, formal reports, or professionally formatted manuscripts.
  3. Be able to demonstrate understanding of discipline specific features of writing including rhetorical strategies and genre and format conventions prominent in assigned reading and writing or found in professional publications in the discipline.
  4. Have completed written assignments that total at least 5,000 words, of which at least 2,500 words are polished and revised based on responses from readers, such as instructors, peers via workshops, or writing center tutors.