Useful Links


The following are helpful links:


CEaS-CREST Program

CEaS-CREST employs graduates and undergraduates in integrated research teams tackling key environmental research questions, and thus provides a superb educational experience.


The mission of the Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) Programs at California State University, Los Angeles is to make available to the American scientific research enterprise the creativity and intellectual talents of minority group members.


Other External Links

CSU - Office of the Chancellor

Website for the California State University system

CSU-LSAMP Statewide Program

Overview and description of LSAMP program for the CSU LSAMP Alliance.

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation funds the LSAMP program.

Pathways to  Science - STEM Programs

Database to search for STEM summer research opportunities.

2015 Summer Enrichment Guide

Database to search for STEM summer research opportunities

CSU-LSAMP Proud Publication

A publication showcasing the talents of LSAMP undergraduate student across the CSU-LSAMP alliance.

CSU LSAMP and CSU LSAMP-BD is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant #s HRD-1302873, HRD-1363399, HRD-1463889 and the CSU Office of the Chancellor.