William M. London

with Cici
Rongxiang Xu College of Health & Human Services
Department of Public Health
Office Location: ST 320
Phone: 323-343-5867 Email: [email protected]


I began my Cal State LA career in the 2006-2007 academic year as coordinator of the Health Science Program. In Fall 2007, I began my appointment as a professor in the Health Science Program (which later became the Department of Health Science and is now the Department of Public Health with both a B.S. in Public Health Program and an M.P.H. Program). My previous faculty appointments were at Kent State University, College of Saint Elizabeth (Morristown, NJ), Walden University, Touro University International (now Trident University International), Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, and California State University, Long Beach. I've also had administrative positions at RAP Inc. (telephone crisis hotline and telephone reassurance program for homebound elderly in Genesee County, NY), the American Council on Science and Health, and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. I have served as the founding president of the Ohio Council Against Health Fraud, Inc., the president of the National Council Against Health Fraud, a contributing editor to the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine and Aberrant Health Practices, and North American senior editor of the journal Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies (FACT).

I am currently editor of the weekly e-newsletter Consumer Health Digest (after serving as associate editor from 2002 to 2017), a content curator for the Center for Inquiry's Coronavirus Resource Center page, developer of the Center for Inquiry's Dubious COVID-19 Treatments and Preventives page, co-host of the Credential Watch website (since 2005), an associate editor of the American Journal of Health Behavior, a review board member of the journal Health Behavior and Policy Review, a member of the peer review board of the Journal of Health Education Teaching, a section editor (complementary and alternative medicine) for the California Journal of Health Promotion, a reviewer for the journal Pedagogy in Health Promotion, online Consumer Health columnist for Skeptical Inquirer, and a fellow of the Committee on Skeptical Inquiry.


Major areas of emphasis in my teaching include the importance of: information literacy, numeracy (numerical literacy), healthy skepticism, science & ethics-based practice, and consumer advocacy regarding public health issues. I like to teach about addiction, risk perception, priority setting in public health, and human vulnerability to deception and misperception related to health. I have taught more than fifty different undergraduate and graduate courses during my career.

I've taught these undergraduate courses at Cal State L.A.:

  • Community Health Care Programs
  • Consumer Health (formerly Selecting Medical Products and Services)
  • Data Analysis in Public Health
  • Directed Study
  • Drugs and Health
  • Health Promotion
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health Care Delivery System
  • Healthy Skepticism
  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Introduction to Higher Education
  • Introduction to Research Analysis and Technical Writing
  • Internship
  • Proseminar: Current Issues in Health
  • Psychophysiology of Substance Abuse and Violence
  • Public Health Administration
  • Statistics in Health and Human Services
  • Theory and Principles of Public Health
  • Transition to California State University, Los Angeles for Health and Human Services Majors

I've taught these graduate courses at Cal State LA:

  • Culminating Project
  • Principles of Epidemiology


I study a wide range of consumer health issues. I'm especially interested in studying the promotion of health-related misinformation, sensationalism, superstition, pseudoscience, and quackery through mass media and interpersonal communication and the vulnerability of consumers to deception, cognitive biases, and errors in perception. 


London WM. (editor). Consumer Health Digest e-newsletter. Also see Index to COVID-19 News Briefs.

weekly issues since January 2019

London, W. Numerical hygiene: promoting health numeracy in professional preparation of health educators. Presented at the Society for Public Health Education Digital Annual Conference.

2022, March 25

London, W.  Combatting COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation online. Presented at the Society for Public Health Education Digital Annual Conference.

2022, March 25

London WM. Superstitionology for people in a hurry [review of Superstition: A Very Short Introduction by Stuart Vyse, 2020]. Skeptical Inquirer 45(4):57-58 2021, July/August
London WM. Quackery: a neglected population health and societal menace. Presented via Zoom to Capital District Humanist Society, Loudonville, New York. 2021, April 11

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updated 2021, September; major update 2018, January; originally published 2013.

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London WM. Trust, truth, and Trump in the time of "COVID, COVID, COVID"Skepitical Inquirer (Consumer Health column). 2020, December 14

London WM. When you think science is on your side but it isn't. Presented via Zoom to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown (New York).

2020, October 4

London WM. Trump and COVID-19: population health neglect, hydroxychloroquine hype, and a gambler’s fallacySkepitical Inquirer (Consumer Health column). 2020, August 13
London WM. Dubious COVID-19 treatments and preventives. Center for Inquiry. 2020, May 27 with ongoing updates
London WM. COVID-19 schemes, scams, and misinformation. Quackwatch. 2020, April 2 with ongoing updates
London WM. Can naturopathic doctors combat COVID-19? Skepitical Inquirer (Consumer Health column). Also published by Center for Inquiry, March 31, 2020. 2020, April 2

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2019, September 19

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London WM. (associate editor). Consumer Health Digest e-newsletter.

weekly issues 2002 (February) - 2017

London WM. Chiropractors and diabetes gimmickry.  Skeptical Inquirer (Consumer Health column).

2017, November 13

Chouhan P. London WM. Aberrant treatments promoted on websites of licensed naturopathic doctors in Los Angeles County. Paper presention at CSICON 2017 (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry conference), Las Vegas, NV.

2017, October 29

London WM. Butter: Bad or Good. Los Angeles Times, A12. Published online as: Sorry you butter, steak, and fat lovers: It really IS about what you eat

2017, August 1

London WM. The "health freedom" movement versus consumer protection. "Talking Public Health" series webinar presentation sponsored by the Southern California Public Health Association, California Baptist University's Department of Health Science, and CBU Online.

2017, May 12

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London WM. The "health freedom" movement versus consumer protection. Presentations at the Center for Inquiry--Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA and Neighborhood Community Center, Costa Mesa, CA (sponsored by Center for Inquiry, Los Angeles).

2016, August 21

London WM. Cancer miracle mongering by City of HopeSkeptical Inquirer (Consumer Health column).

Republished at Healthnewsreview.org.

2016, August 2

2016, September 8

London WM. Quack Busters' leader William Jarvis dies at 80Skeptical Inquirer (Consumer Health column).

Skeptical Inquirer (print edition). 40(4):8-9.

2016, March 22

2016, July/August

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2015, December
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2015, March 26

London WM. Student-developed Health “Street Smarts” Fairs to promote critical thinking on campus. Poster presented at the CSU Symposium on University Teaching: “GRIT: Exploring perseverance, mindset and character in the classroom.” California State University, Los Angeles, CA

2015, March 14

London WM. Calling out the vaccine-fear-mongering "chiroquactic" establishmentSwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2015, March 12

London WM. A group stance on vaccination. Los Angeles Times, p. A12. Published online as: Chiropractors have no businesses giving advice on vaccines. Los Angeles Times.

2015, March 9/10

London WM. New memoir from the iconoclastic Edzard ErnstSwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2015, March 9

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2015, March
London WM. The Straw Protocol: A Chiropractor’s Aggressively Promoted Neuropathy TreatmentScience-Based Medicine. See mention of article in this NBC4 I-Team report: Johnson C, Roher C. Some patients say SoCal chiropractic business has drained their bank accounts and their hope. NBC Los Angeles. August 14, 2019. 2015, February 27

London WM. ‘Brain Porn’ in NBC Nightly News ‘Power of Prayer’ Follow-upSwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2015, January 21

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2015, January 12

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2014, December 30

London WM. Untruths About Cancer in the Failed “Quest for Cures” [Part 5: the Cancer Holocaust Ploy]Swift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2014, December 24
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2014, November 3

London WM. Another Brain Cancer Patient Suffers and Dies Following Burzynski TreatmentSwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2014, October 27

London WM. Health “street smarts” fairs. Presented at the Skepticamp event, Center for Inquiry—Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA.

2014, October 25

London WM. Disgraceful revelations about “faith healer” Ernest AngleySwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2014, October 17

London WM. Why I oppose quackerySwift (James Randi Educational Foundation).

2014, September 30
London WM. Medical Renegade Paul M. Fleiss, M.D. Dead at 80Skeptic Ink. 2014, August 12

London WM. Some recent stories of tainted supplementsSkeptic Ink.

2014, July 21

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2014, January 10
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2010, July 11

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2009, October 10




M.P.H. health administration 1995

  • Loma Linda University
    Loma Linda, CA

Ed.D. health education 1986

  • University at Buffalo (SUNY)
    Buffalo, NY

Ed.M. health education 1984

  • University at Buffalo (SUNY)
    Buffalo, NY

Ed.M. educational psychology 1984

  • University at Buffalo (SUNY)
    Buffalo, NY

B.A. biological science 1980 & B.A. geography 1980, magna cum laude

  • University at Buffalo (SUNY)
    Buffalo, NY

I also completed all coursework except the thesis toward an M.S. in clinical research at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, CA.

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