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College of Natural & Social Sciences
Department of Geosciences and Environment
Office Location: KH C-4061
Phone: 323-343-2222 Email: [email protected]

Steve LaDochy
Full-time Faculty

Office: KHC-4061� Fall 2016: MW and Th 2-3:30
Phone: (323) 343-2222
FAX: (323) 343-6494
Email: [email protected]


Geog 1700

Meteorology, lecture and lab (hybrid)

MW� 10-12:30

Fall 2016

KH D4046

Geog 1600 sec. 5

Physical Geography lab

Tu 1:40-4:30 pm

Fall 2016

PS 2015

Geog 3120

Global Climate Change in the Developing World, and Activity


Fall 2016

KH D2074 and



1985     Ph.D. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, in Geography. Dissertation: The Synoptic Climatology of Severe Thunderstorms in  Manitoba.

1979-80  Graduate Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, in Geography- Meteorology.

1969     M.S. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Co., in Atmospheric Sciences.

1967     B.A. U.C.L.A., in Meteorology.


1987- present   Professor (2006), Associate Professor (1992), Geography & Urban Analysis California State University, Los Angeles.

1986-88  Adjunct Professor, Geography, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

1970-87  Assistant Professor, Instructor, Geography, University of Winnipeg,  Manitoba, Canada.

1980     Research, Teaching Assistant, Geography-Meteorology, University of Kansas.


Pedro Elias Sequera; Jorge Gonzalez; Kyle McDonald; Steve LaDochy; Daniel Comarazamy (2016):  Improvements in Land-Use Classification for Estimating Daytime Surface Temperatures and Sea-Breeze Flows in Southern California. Earth Interactions, vol. 20 (No. 16), 1-32.

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           Bacca, A., J. Vincent, M. Luna, F. Zhou, S. LaDochy and S. Nicolaisen (2000):   Fine-scale sampling and analysis for heavy metals and nitrogen- and sulfur-containing species in East Los Angeles, in Air Pollution VIII:  8th International Conference On Air Pollution. Brebbia, et al. (eds.),Southampton, UK: Wessex Institute of Technology Press, 273-282.

Courses Taught:

Applied Climatology, Climate Change, Urban Climatology, Meteorology, Physical Geography, Earth Science, Urban Environmental Pollution, Air Pollution, U.S. Geography, Environment & Technology


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