Oliverio Rodriguez

Arts & Letters
Art Department (Photography)
Office Location: FA 328

Oli Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist working in filmmaking, video, photography, performance and writing. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the Art Department at California State University, Los Angeles. His projects conceptually intersect within notions of subversive desire, passing, visualizing the performativity of gender, explorations in appropriation, performative interactions with the public as collaborator and a commitment to referencing historical movements in gender, racial and feminist histories. He curated the exhibition ​The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics ​at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He is apart of the monograph ​Confronting the Abject, named from his research themed class that he co-taught with Catherine Opie at SAIC. His book, ​The Papi Project, archives the AIDS pandemic through archival images, video, photography and performance. This includes his queer, people of color (POC) family and chosen family in Chicago during the 1980s. He just completed his feature length documentary, LYNDALE, visualizing the nuanced relationships between family members as they navigate childhood neglect, queer identities, and cyclical, generational trauma. Rodriguez has screened, performed, lectured and exhibited his works internationally and nationally.

Oli Rodriguez
773.510.3273 (cell)