Neda S. Fabris

Neda S. Fabris
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Office Location: ET A-205
Phone: 323-343-4490 Email: [email protected]

Dr. Neda Fabris


Professor Emarita Department of Mechanical Engineering




  • B.S. and M.S. University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mechanical Engineering, April 1965. (No. 1 standing in Production Option, in class of 80 students).
  • Technical University Aachen Germany, 1966-1967, graduate study and research in Manufacturing Engineering.
  • M.S., 1972 and Ph.D., 1976 in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois.


  • Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Technology. 2008-present
  • 1986-2008, Professor, 1982-1986 Associate Professor, 1979-1982 Assistant  Professor
  • Taught 28 different undergraduate and graduate courses, developed and proposed seven innovative courses in manufacturing, sponsored numerous master thesis, design and special projects.
  • Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department, 1989-1993.
  • Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratory, Naperville, Illinois, 1976-1979 working on structural design, soldering, earthquake study of electronic equipment.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, (1974-1975) teaching introductory laboratory course in engineering.
  • Teaching Assistant at the Illinois Inst. of Tech. (1970-1974), teaching lab part of the senior level course in manufacturing.
  • Associate Researcher at Laboratory for Machine Tools Technical University in Aachen, Germany, school year 1966-1967.Sponsored by DAAD  (German Exchange Scholarship) Working on tool wear research in metal cutting.  
  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department Univ. of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1965-1966, 1967-1970. Teaching several laboratory courses in metal cutting and metrology.


Consulted for Northrop, (chatter in metal cutting); FAS Engineering (mechanical design); Lubchem (material testing and verifications); Lockheed (thermal expansion and vibration of printed wire boards); Loral Space Systems (shock and vibration of space structures).


  1.         National Science Foundation (NSF):
    • Fabris N. (PI), College of Engineering Computer Science and Technology and Fawn Upkolo, (Co-Pi), College of Education, �Engineering for Teachers (EFT) Program� 2002-2003, ($94,000),
    • Fabris N. PI, Milton R. (Co-PI) "Mother-Daughter Academy" 1999-2000, ($ 97,988).

�         Fabris: PI: College of Science Instrumentation Program, 1986, ($7,500) grant for purchase of a Computer Numerically Controlled Milling Machine.

  1.         Lockheed Martin/CSU Partnership ($ 43,120):
    • �Determination of the Stress Level at the Interface of Component and Circuit Boards Due to Vibrations,� (1998).
    • �Determination of the Stress Level at the Interface of Components and Circuit Boards Due to the Thermal Fluctuations,� (1997)
    • �Determining the Best Parameters for Machining Honeycomb Materials� (1998) "
    • �Fixturing of Honeycomb for Easy Manufacturing"(1997)

              Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

  •                  �Manufacturing of the Full Scale Model of Mars Volatile and Climate Surveyor Space Robot (MVAC),� PI. Summer 1997 ($17,396)

              Brown and Sharpe

                            (1989, Metrology Grant Program Surfcom 110B ).  $10,500 grant toward purchasing Surface Roughness Measuring System.



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1.       �Past AE Fellow Nurtures New Generation of Women Engineers� (whole article), in  �The Zontian�, the publication of �Zonta International, worldwide service organization of executives in business and professions working together to advance the status of women�. (AE refers to two Amelia Earhart fellowships, received by N. Fabris during graduate study). Fall 2001?

2.       Featured in �SWE NEWS�, (publication of CSULA Society of Women Engineers) in the article �Annual Conference in Denver Colorado�, Fall 2001.

3.      Featured in the article �Student Award Ceremony�, published in �SWE� in National Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers in August/September 2001.

4.       Featured in the Article �BSS Mentors Aspiring Women Engineers� in �BSS WORLD�, Boeing Satellite Systems newspaper, June 29, 2001.

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12.  Featured in Hughes Space & Communications newspaper "HSC Journal" in articles: "Engineering the Future" July  2000,"HSC Makes Learning a Family Affair" June 1999 "HSC Provides Mentorship for Aspiring Engineers" July 1996

13.  Featured in "Etcetera" College of Engineering and Technology newspaper, in the articles:"What (My Mother) and I Did Last Saturday" Spring/Summer 2000, �Students Build Full-Scale Model of Next Mars Robot for JPL� Sumer/Fall 1998

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14.     Featured in "University Times", (CSULA student' newspaper) article "Professor Touts Engineering Careers for Women"March 4. 1996.



1.      Cited at the US Congress� Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology Development (CAWMSET) at public hearing in July 1999 in Seattle Washington.  Wrote "Best Practice" that Linda Skidmore, Executive Director of National Science Foundation presented to the Commission.

2.      Featured as a leader of Mother-Daughter workshop at the Program OSGOOD Filein March 1999. Program is transmitted nationally and is heard by 12-15 million listeners.

3.       Served on six NSF (National Science Foundation) Grants Peer- Review Panels in Washington D.C.


  1. 2001 SWE (Society of Women Engineers) National Award: �Distinguished Engineering Educator�, awarded to one educator in the nation per year,
  2.  �CSULA Distinguished Women"  awarded at the first, (inaugural) CSULA ceremony given to 16 women employed at CSULA, April 1999
  3. "Outstanding Mech. Eng. Professor� for 1999 and 2006, voted by mechanical engineering students and awarded by CSULA Engineering Student Council, 
  4. "1998 Manufacturing Educator of the Year" awarded by Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) Desert Pacific Region 12, Sothern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada
  5. Distinguished Service" plaque as a Chair of Mech. Eng. Depart. CSULA , Jan.1993
  6. "1990 Merit Award for Outstanding Professional Qualities and Meritorious Achievement within the Field of Engineering" San Fernando Valley Eng. Coun.1991.
  7. Plaque from CSULA Society of Women Engineers �For Her Several Years of Support, Advice and Guidance to the student�s SWE� 1987, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
  8. SME plaque for the Outstanding Service and Leadership� as a chair of the Chapter 99, San Fernando Valley1997.
  9. Several Certificates of Appreciations, awarded by the CSULA Deans of the College of Engineering and Technology for the support of students and their organizations.     10.  Eight Certificates of Appreciation for organizing and contribution to the 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 �Expanding Your Horizons� Conference, awarded by the president of CSLA.
  10. Numerous Certificates from Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Society of Women Engineers for special contribution, presentations and activities.

  11. Numerous Certificates from Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Society of Women Engineers for special contribution, presentations and activities.

  12. Certificate of Appreciation for Contribution to the 1982-1989 �Expanding Your Horizons� Conferences, awarded by the President of CSULA

  13. CSULA Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, 1986, 1987.

  14. Numerous Certificates from Hughes� and Boeing� Space and Communication Division for organizing and conducting �Mother-Daughter� workshops.

  15. Two "Amelia Earhart Intern. Fellowship� awarded by Zonta Inter. 1973-74. 1975-76
  16.  Faculty Meritorious Award 1999 and 2000.
  17. German Academic Exchange Fellowship (DAAD), 1966-67
  18. Initiated to Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Fraternity
  19. Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society


1.      Special Projects at CSULA

�        Represented CSULA College of Engineering and Technology at the NSF sponsored  �Center for the Science & Engineering of Materials (CSEM)� located at Caltech, Pasadena Cal. Established contacts with several Caltech faculty and mentoring three CSULA Mechanical engineering students participating in the Caltech� 2002 and 2003 Summer Research Program. 

�        College of Engineering and Technology Faculty Coordinator for PALS (Partnership for Academic Learning Success) Peer Mentoring Program school years 1987, 1988, 1996- 2003. Program was designed to provide guidance, mentoring and caring environment to all freshmen at CSULA.

�        Represented CSULA in development of award winning SCCEME (Southern California Coalition for Education in Manufacturing) proposal (Summer 1993).  CSULA liaison in Coalition.  Member of the Curriculum Development Task Force, 1993/1994 and 1995/1996.

�         Participated in one quarter long project: �Learning English-For-Academic Purposes at CSULA  (LEAP)�, Project was  sponsored by Fund for Improvement of  Postsecondary Education, U. S. Dep. of Ed.  (FIPSE),  1995. 

2.      Academic Governance and Service on University Committees  

  • Academic Senator for eight years (one of two faculty representing College)
  • Advisory Board for Student Union, (trustee)

�          Affirmative Action Subcommittee

�         American Culture and Language Program Advisory board

�         Committee on Committees

�         Continuing Education Subcommittee

�         Graduate Studies Subcommittee.

�         Leave and Awards Subcommittee,

�         Review of Writing and Tutoring Center Subcommittee,

�         Student Affairs Committee,

�         Undergraduate Study Subcommittee,

�         University Educational Equity Advisory Committee

�         Wang Family Excellence Award Selection Committee (2000-2001)


3.      Department and College Service


�         Chair 1989-1992

  • College Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) committee (for several years)

�         Department RTP Committee and Faculty Search and Appointment Committee

�         Department 2000-2008 College Library Liaison



  • Faculty Advisor of Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Student' Chapter S318. (1983-2002 and 2006-2012). Started with student� unit U113 and progressed to Student Chapter
  • Faculty Advisor for Human Powered vehicle Competition 2009
  • Banner Carrier and Marshal at Honor Convocation and Graduation, Marshal 
  •  Advisor of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) CSULA Student Chapter 1979-1987 and 1993-2006)
  • Conducted workshops and presentation at numerous College Open Houses

4.      Professional Activities and Organizations

�         American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Manufacturing Education Section: secretary, treasurer, program co-chair Director-at-Large 1995-present (national level appointments). Organized and served as a moderator of one session at every conference.

�         Reviewer of papers for different ASEE divisions.

�         Professional SME Chapter 99, San Fernando Valley, Chair 1997. Also served as vice-chair, secretary and treasurer for several years.

�         SME �Curricula 2000�  served on panel of educators and industrialists developing guidelines for strengthen Manufacturing Engineering programs Michigan, April 1989.

�         Served as a judge of Students� Manufacturing Challenge Competition at WESTEC, �North America's Largest Annual Metalworking & Manuf. Exposition�, for several years.

�         Reviewer of Scientific Papers  for the SME North American Research Institute (NAMRI)

�         Society of Women Engineers (SWE) senior member, LA Section career guidance chair for several years.


5.      Civic Activities and Organizations

�         American Association American Association of University Women (AAUW), President of the branch 2006-07, co-president 2007-08, College Relations Chair, 1994-96. Educational Gift Honoree, 1994

  • Conducted four hours long workshop �Hands-on Activities for Teaching Physics in Grammar and Middle Schools� at California Science Education Conf. 2004 and 2005

�         Faculty advisor for the Engineering Club at the Clark Magnet High School in Glendale 2001-2004.

�         Visited several local high schools and giving presentation on engineering profession: Lincoln, Washington, Glendale High School, Hoover High School and others.

�         Served as a judge at Rio Bravo Magnet School at the Science Fair, March 28, 2000.

�         Organized Girl Scout Day at CSULA 2001 with 200 participants. Conducted workshop "Earthquake Performance of Structures and 'Edible' Village", at the Girl Scouts Fair at     USC, 2000.

�         Served on the SWE panel: "Is Graduate School for You," at the SWE Regional . Conference, Feb. 20,00.

�         Gave the talk: "Conflict in Balkans", at the Nettle Society, San Fernando Valley, April 14, 2000




Resident of Glendale California (from 1979). Married (1967) to Gracio Fabris, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, retired scientist.

Son: Drazen Fabris, Ph.D.  Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department Santa Clara University, San Jose California.


Daughter: Nicole Fabris-Carral, M.D. Pediatrician, at �Glendale Pediatrics�, married (2008) to Alejandro Carral.  Two granddaughters: Valentina  born in 2010 and Lucinda born 2012. Residing in Glendale California

Languages: Fluent in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and German. Limited knowledge of Russian, French and Spanish.

 Hobbies: cooking and reading and traveling.