John Shindler

Charter College of Education
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Office KH A2045

John Shindler is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and a national consultant in the areas of School Climate, Classroom Management and Discipline, School Improvement and Teaching and Assessment. He is the author of several articles and the books Transformative Classroom Management, and The Tranformative Leader's Roadmap to School Excellence. As the Co-Director of the Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC) he works with schools, districts, state DOE's and the US DOE to promote more functional and effective schools world-wide. Please visit Dr. Shindler's websites listed below for more detailed information, resources, and documents.

Alliance for the Study of School Climate

Teaching and Classroom Management Resources

CCOE Course Resources

Alliance for the Study of School Climate

Classroom Management Resource Site:

EDSE 5000

EDEL 4020

Transformative Classroom Management

Learning Styles Resource Site:

EDCI 5370

EDCI 5900

School Climate

Paragon Learning Style Inventory

EDSE 5490

EDSE 4480

Teaching and Assessment Page


Slides from ASSC presentations - explaining the "roadmap," the School Climate Assessment Instrument (SCAI) and the School Levels.