Jane McKeever

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College of Arts and Letters
Department of TV, Film and Media Studies

Jane "Rose" McKeever comes to CalState LA with a background in physical performance and design. This varied professional background has allowed her to move fluidly between projects and mediums. Beginning her career as a performer, she focused in acting and non-traditional dance movement. In the late 90’s, as a compliment to her performance work, she began to work with music and audio, which lead to degrees in technical theater and design. McKeever holds a BA in Theatrical Design, with a minor in Gender Studies from University of Illinois at Chicago and an MFA in Sound Design from UCLA. Throughout her career, this background has led to work in film, television, theater, and multimedia design and performance.


McKeever is the co-founder of two companies, Happy Feet Foley and DConstruction Arts. Happy Feet Foley is a Production and Post-Production Company whose credits include: The Nevers, Castle Rock, Game of Thrones: Seasons 2 - 7, Pacific Rim and gaming projects Fable and Gears of War. Happy Feet Foley owns a foley stage in the Los Angeles area that McKeever assisted in engineering/building in 2015. 


DConstruction Arts, is a non-profit circus, theater and multimedia company. Mckeever applies her aerial performance and design focus to DConstruction Arts, and has produced multiple shows including the awarding winning two-person show Definition of Man and circus/theater show Love Is... During the lockdowns in 2020, McKeever worked with co-founder Tavi Stutz to launch a podcast to serve the community that focuses on unlocking creativity called Inspiration is Everywhere


Professor McKeever’s academic work is driven by her experiences as a multi-faceted storyteller. By placing story at the forefront of her academic and creative work, McKeever helps students find their own creative voice and application of skill-sets.