Freddy Lee

College of Business & Economics
Department of Marketing

Dr. Lee is currently a Tenured Full Professor of Marketing at California State University, Los Angeles. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada. As a Quantitative Modeler, his dissertation topic focuses on the effects of Price Quality Heuristics on Business Strategies and Planning.   He has published in several peer-reviewed journal publications such as Services Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Management and Marketing Research and Atlantic Marketing Journal,.  Dr Lee's teaching interests include Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, Pricing, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate Marketing and High Performance Skills Development.    His current research interests focus on Price Quality Heurtistics, Real Estate Marketing and App Development/Marketing.   In addition, he has presented his scholarly research at a variety of national and international professional/education-based conferences. 

Prior to Academia, Dr Lee was a Raffles Institution and Raffles junior College alumni and had obtained a Full Government Sponsored Scholarship from the Republic of Singapore to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (High Honors) from the University of Texas at Austin.   His industrial and commercial experience ranges from the Financial Sector in Citibank Asia Pacific and the Development Bank of Singapore in Singapore to Real Estate and Consulting in California, USA.