Erica Ellis

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Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services
Department of Communication Disorders
Office KHB106D



Dr. Ellis completed her B.A. at San Diego State University and her clinical work as well as her Ph.D. in Language and Communicative Disorders at San Diego State University & University of California, San Diego. Dr. Ellis is clinically certified and licensed in Speech Language Pathology. 


Research interests focus on lexical and cognitive processing skills in early language delay, specifically word learning and vocabulary knowledge in children who are late talkers. Additional areas of interest include parent and caregiver coaching, clincal education and supporting underrepresented student pathways to the field of CSD. 


Teaching interests include language development, language disorders in infants/toddlers as well as older school-age children and assessment/diagnostics.


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Ph.D. Language and Communicative Disorders 

  • University of California, San Diego
  • State Diego State University
    San Diego, CA

B.A. Communication Disorders

B.A. Psychology 

  • San Diego State University 
    San Diego, CA