Corin (Corey) L. Bowen, Ph.D.

Corin Bowen
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Civil Engineering
Office ETA-207
(323) 343-4430

Assistant Professor of Engineering Education

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 My Education

  • Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 2021
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education Research, University of Michigan, 2020
  • Graduate Teacher Certificate, University of Michigan, 2019
  • Master of Science in Engineering in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 2015
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 2013
  • Minor in Music, Case Western Reserve University, 2013

My Teaching Interests

  • Introduction to Higher Education
  • Structural Engineering
  • STEM/Engineering and Social Justice
  • STEM/Engineering Education and Pedagogy
  • Engineering Education Research

My Research Interests

  • STEM/Engineering Education and Pedagogy
  • STEM/Engineering and Social Justice
  • Marginalized Student Experiences
  • Critical Theories and Research Frameworks
  • Critical Quantitative Methodologies
  • Macroethics of Engineering and Sociotechnical Learning
  • Organizing for Institutional Change and Social Justice

My Awarded Grants

  • Developing Critically-Conscious Aerospace Engineers Through Macro-Ethics Curricula (Collaborative Research), National Science Foundation, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education, P.I., 2023 – 2026
  • Transforming STEM Education Using An Asset-Based Ecosystem Model, National Science Foundation, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education, Co-I., 2023 – 2024

My Publications

My Organizational Affiliations

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With my position as an Assistant Professor at Cal State LA, I have accepted a role of significant power within a university system with a long history of exclusion. Cal State LA is located on the stolen land of the Tongva, Tataviam, Serrano, Kizh, and Chumash Peoples. Gaps persist in both educational outcomes (such as graduation rates) and cultural acceptance of students from marginalized backgrounds. Additionally critical are the recognitions that no one is undocumented on stolen land and that the inhuman treatment of Black people is exemplified from the unimaginably cruel history of slavery to the ongoing resistance to the assertion that Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, costs for food and housing continue to increase while our educational systems require the exchange of money for knowledge, which is contrary to the purpose of public education. With my power at Cal State LA comes significant responsibility, and I ask you to hold me to my commitments to speak – and act – truth to powers greater than myself and to redistribute my power to those with less than I am granted. I also challenge you to make similar commitments to justice at Cal State LA and in our greater society.