Barry Hibbs

Barry Hibbs sampling water well with colleagues in Ciudad Juarez
College of Natural & Social Sciences
Department of Geosciences and Environment
Office Location: ASCL 161
Phone: 323-343-2414 Email: [email protected]


One of the fastest-growing subdisciplines in the geological sciences is hydrogeology. This field is concerned with the occurrence, movement, availability, and chemical quality of groundwater resources. My teaching and research program at California State University, Los Angeles is committed to providing students with basic and advanced hydrogeologic tools, as well as a working knowledge of the fundamental principals and theory of hydrogeology.


  • Basic and Advanced Hydrogeology
  • Vadose Zone Hydrology
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Hydrochemistry and Isotope Hydrology
  • Field Methods in Hydrology


My present research interests include numerical flow and solute tranport modeling, chemistry of dilute and saline waters, isotope and contaminant hydrology, stream/aquifer interactions, and the application of surface and borehole geophysical techniques to hydrogeologic problems and to problems of contaminant transport.  Research areas include arid basins in the southwestern US and Mexico, urban areas in southern California, and coastal wetlands and watersheds along the western Pacific Coast.   

PUBLICATIONS: 2016 to 2017 (student co-authors shown in bold face print)

Publication Date

Hibbs, B. J., Lee, M., and Ridgway, R., 2017, Land use modification and changing redox conditions releases selenium and sulfur from historic marsh sediments: Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, v. 161, p. 48-65. 


Hibbs, B., 2017, Aquifer compartmentaliztion at a transition mountain front, implications for basin assessment and numerical modeling: in Dunn, C., and Van Weele, B. eds., Groundwater, Sustainability, and Hydroclimate-Change: American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA  p. 90-101. 


Hibbs, B., and Ying, G., 2017, Methodology and applications in developing salt balances in groundwater basins: in Dunn, C., and Van Weele, B., eds., Groundwater, Sustainability, and Hydroclimate-Change:  American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston VA, p. 90-101.


Harrison, M., and Hibbs, B., 2017, Hydrochemical analysis of source mixing and stream-aquifer interactions in urban stream:  Proceedings of the World Water Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2017, p., 69-77. 


Hibbs, B.J., Harrison, M., and Merino, M., 2016, Issues of stream-aquifer interactions in grout lined channels in urban watersheds: Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, v. 159, p. 128-143


Eastone, C., Granados, A., and Hibbs, B., 2016, Tracers of groundwater mixing in the Hueco Bolson Aquifer, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Environmental and Engineerig Geoscience Journal, v. 22, no. 3, p. 195-2017.


Hibbs, B. J., 2016, Groundwater in urban areas: Journal of Contermporary Water Research and Education, v. 159, p. 1-4. 


Harrison, M., and Hibbs, B., 2016, Analysis of elevated concentration in trace elements and nutrients in urban watershed: in Sorial, G., ed., Environmental Science and Technology, v. 1, American Sciences Press, Houston TX, p. 932-939. 



B.S. Geology, 1985

  • Arizona State University

M.S. Hydrogeology, 1989

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Ph.D. Hydrogeology, 1993

  • University of Texas at Austin

Honors and Special Services

2016  Invited Plenary Keynote Speaker at 8th International Conference on Environmental Science and  Technology, American Academy of Sciences

2016  Guest Editor and Organizer of Theme Issue of Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (Groundwater in Urban Areas Theme Issue)

2015  Phi Kappa Phi, National Collegiate Academic Honor Society, California State University LA         

2014  Outstanding Professor Award, California State University LA (one of five annually campus wide)

2012  Elected Fellow, Geological Society of America (one of 60 Nationally, based on outstanding research and mentoring in hydrology)

2011  Guest Editor and Organizer of Theme Issue of Environmental and Engineering Geoscience Journal (Urban Hydrogeology Theme Issue, with John M. Sharp Jr. as Co-Guest Editor)

2008  Guest Editor and Organizer of Theme Issue of Ground Water Journal (Arid Zone Hydrogeology Theme Issue)

2007  Conference Poster Award, 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, American Academy of Science

2002  Early tenure awarded based on outstanding teaching and research, CSULA