Atef Laouyene

Atef Laouyene
College of Arts and Letters
Department of English
Office ETA627

Teaching Experience

  • Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles, 2015-Present
  • Assistant Professor, California State University, Los Angeles, 2009-2015
  • Part-Time Teacher, University of Ottawa, Canada, 2007-2009                             
  • Part-Time Teacher, Carleton University, Canada, Fall 2008                                    
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Ottawa, Canada, 2001-2007                                                     

Courses Taught

  • ENGL-5700 Graduate Seminar: "Empire and the Postcolony" 
  • ENGL-580 Graduate Seminar: "The Arabian Nights in Global Contexts"
  • ENGL-580 Graduate Seminar: “Representations of the Exotic in Middle Eastern Diasporic Literature.”
  • ENGL-541: Graduate Seminar: “Postcolonialism: Theory, Politics, Practice”
  • ENGL-510: Graduate Seminar: “Violence, Trauma, and Narrative Ethics”
  • ENGL-492: Seminar in Literature and Language
    • “Violence, Ethics, and the Literary Imagination”
    • “Orientalism in Literature and Film"
    • "Literature and Empire: Visions and Revisions"
  • ENGL-486: 20th-Century Continental Fiction
  • ENGL-452: Cultural Studies and English Literature
  • ENGL-383: Narratives of Maturity and Aging
  • ENGL-382: Violence and Literature
  • ENLGL-3700: Readings in Modern and Contemporary World Literatures
  • ENGL-340: Writing in the Major
  • ENGL 3000: English Tutoria
  • ENGL-280: Contemporary World Literature
  • ENGL-250: Understanding Literature
  • EngL-200C: British Literature Survey II (18th Century-Present)
  • ENGL-102: Composition II


  • Postcolonial Literary Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • History of Arab Spain
  • Francophone Literatures of the Maghreb
  • Middle Eastern Literary Studies




“Exoticism and the Politics of Representation in Arab Diasporic Literature.” 

(In progress)

Articles/Book Chapters

"Reading Otherwise: Politics of the Exotic in Diana Abu-Jaber's Crescent." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. 56.5 (2015): 586-601.


"Race, Gender and the Exotic in Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees." Journal of Commonwealth Literature. June, 50 (2015): 197-215.


“Pathologies of Moorishness: Al-Andalus, Narrative, and ‘Worldly Humanism.’” Journal of East-West Thought. 3.1. (2013): 31-44.


“The Canadian Gothic and the Work of Ghosting in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knee,” in Unsettled Remains: Canadian Literature and the Postcolonial Gothic. Ed. Cynthia Sugars and Gerry Turcotte. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2009.


“Andalusian Poetics: Rushdie’s The Moor’s Last Sigh and the Limits of Hybridity.” ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature 38.4 (2008): 143-65.


“‘I am no Othello.  I am a lie’: Shakespeare’s Moor and the Post-Exotic in Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North,” in Native Shakespeares: Indigenous Appropriations on a Global Stage. Ed. Craig Dionne and Parmita Kapadia. London: Ashgate Press, 2008. 213-32.

Book Reviews
  • "The Poetics and Politics of Mourning." Rev. of Signifying Loss: Toward a Poetics of Narrative Mourning, by Nouri Gana. Cultural Politics. 11.3 (2015): 412-16.
  • “Translational Poetics in Arab Immigrant Writing.” Rev. of Immigrant Narratives: Orientalism and Cultural Translation in Arab American and Arab British Literature, by Waïl S. Hassan. Postcolonial Text. 7. 4 (2013)
  • “Of Violence and Poetry.” Rev. of To Love a Palestinian Woman, by Ehab Lotayef; Alien, Correspondent, by Antony Di Nardo; and Back in the Days, by Addena Sumter-Freitag. Canadian Literature. 212. (2012): 164-166.
  • “Pan-Arabism Under British Eyes.” Rev. of Britain and Arab Unity: A Documentary History from the Treaty of Versailles to the End of World War II, by Younan Labib Rizk. Journal of Intercultural Studies. 33.4. (2012): 463-47.
  • "Orient Re-oriented,” Rev. of Translating Orients: Between Ideology and Utopia, By Timothy Weiss. Postcolonial Text 2. 2 (2006)


  • "Marketing the Middle Eastern Memoir: Escapee Narratives and the Politics of the Exotic." Presented for PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association), Riverside, CA, October 31, 2014.
  • “Representations of Violence in Middle Eastern Literature: 9/11 and the Exotics of Terror.” Presented for ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association), New York, March-20-24, 2014.
  • Chair, “God and Man in Medieval and Renaissance Literature” at the “CSULA Conference on Modernity, Critique, and Humanism,” February12-13 2012.
  • Moderator, the CSULA American Communities Program panel, “The Revolutionary Impulse, ” February 1, 2012.
  • Chair, “Sor Juana and her Relations with Baroque Institutions of New Spain” at the “CSULA Conference on So Juan de la Cruz, Her Work, Colonial Mexico, and Spain’s Golden Age,” May 13-14, 2011.
  • “Pathologies of Moorishness in Arab Diasporic Writing,” presented at the MLA Conference, Los Angeles, January 6-9, 2011.
  • “Ethics of Witnessing: Life Writing and the Spectacle of Arab Violence,” presented for CACLALS at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, May 28-June 4, 2010.
  • “Hauntropologies: Arab Canadians and the Specter of Marginality,” presented for CACLALS at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Carleton University, Canada, May 23-26, 2009.
  • “Arabs, 9/11, and the New Face of the Exotic” presented for ACCUTE at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Carleton University, Canada, May 23-26, 2009.
  • “The Post-Exotic Arab: Re-Arranging the Tropes,” presented at the MLA Convention, Chicago, December 27-30, 2007.
  • “Odalisque Revisited,” presented at the Fifth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Paris, July 17-20, 2007.
  • “‘I am no Othello.  I am a lie’: The Undoing of the Moor in Tayib Salih’s Season of Migration to the North,” presented for CACLALS at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Winnipeg, Canada, May 2004.



  • Ph.D., English, 2008, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada                                                                                                                          
  • M.A., English, 2001, Laval University, Québec, Canada
  • Diplôme des Études Approfondies in English, 1998, Faculté des Letters, Manouba, Tunisia
  • License in English Language and Literature, 1997, Faculté des Lettres, Sousse, Tunisia