The Soul Rebels: A Virtual Experience

Date and Time

Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 5:00pm


"The Soul Rebels: A Virtual Experience," is the latest installment of the Luckman's original digital series that brings you up close and personal with artists from around the world and from a variety of disciplines.

The Soul Rebels started with an idea: to expand upon the pop music they loved on the radio and the New Orleans brass tradition they grew up on. They took that tradition and blended funk and soul with elements of hip hop, jazz, and rock, all within a brass band context. The band has built a career around an eclectic live show that harnesses the power of horns and drums in a deep pocket funk party-like atmosphere. The Soul Rebels continue to chart new territory as they feature in major films, tour globally, and combine top-notch musicianship with songs that celebrate dancing, life, funk, and soul. 

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(323) 343-6600
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