Cal State LA Department of Philosophy Resources

General Websites in Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
American Philosophical Association: contains a wide variety of useful resources
Noesis limited area search engine for open access, academic philosophy online (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
EpistemeLinks philosophy resources
Sally Haslanger, MIT, includes general philosophy links, philosophy blogs, professional sites, and specific fields including race and gender
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet, from Peter Suber, Earlham College; includes search engine "Hippias"
Famous Philosophers
U.S. Philosophy Departments


Fields within Philosophy
Ethics Updates, from Lawrence Hinman, University of San Diego
Glossary of Ethical Terms, from R. N. Johnson (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Feminist Philosophy/Theories, from Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Tech University
Philosophy of Mind: David Chalmers's homepage
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind, Chris Eliasmith, ed.
Continental Philosophy, from the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy