Cal State LA Department of Philosophy Advisement

M.A. Advisement Information, Policies, and Procedures

All faculty in the Philosophy Department are advisors, but some have special areas of expertise listed below. You do not need an appointment to see an advisor in philosophy; instead, after reviewing the advisement information linked above, check in the department office for their office hours. If your advisor is not teaching during a particular quarter, see any other advisor you want or contact the Directors for suggestions.

Starting Fall 2016, Cal State LA will be switching from quarters to semester. See the "Semester Conversion" tab located to the left for further information of the upcoming changes.

For Graduate Students

Prof. Mark Balaguer

(323) 343-4189

Prof. Richard Dean

(323) 343-4182

Prof. David Pitt (323) 343-4192
Prof. Michael Shim (323) 343-5942

Call or email with questions or if you'd like to set up a meeting. Here are useful worksheets to fill out during advisement:

B.A. General Option | B.A. Prelaw Option
Minor General Option | Minor Prelaw Option | Minor Classics Option
Important M.A. Program Information (read carefully!) | M.A. Program

For Undergraduate advising please book online through the A & L Advisement Center page.