Colloquy solicits manuscripts related to a variety of scholarship conducted in the Department of Communication Studies as well as representing different types and levels of academic thought. The journal invites submissions using any appropriate methodology for the question being investigated. Articles should focus primarily on issues related to communication studies.

Manuscripts submitted to Colloquy should subscribe to the National Communication Association (NCA) guidelines for publication. These guidelines request that the authors use inclusive and non-defamatory language. In addition, submissions should meet the following standards for publication:

(1) The manuscript is original work and proper publication credit is accorded to all authors;

(2) All legal, institutional, and professional obligations for obtaining informed consent from research participants and for limiting their risk are honored;

(3) The scholarship reported is authentic.

Submitted manuscripts should conform to the most recent edition of the Style Manual of the American Psychological Association or the Modern Language Association Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing. Article manuscripts should generally not exceed twenty double-spaced pages. The submission may be an excerpt of a longer work, but it should stand alone.

Papers submitted for consideration of inclusion in Colloquy will be reviewed following a blinded peer review protocol. All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a 75-word biographical statement for the author(s) and full contact information including an email address.


Manuscript submissions should be sent via email to:

D. Robert DeChaine, Ph.D.
Supervising Editor, Colloquy
Department of Communication Studies
California State University, Los Angeles
[email protected]