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Colloquy is a journal of the Department of Communication Studies, funded through Instructionally Related Activities at California State University, Los Angeles. Colloquy aims to represent the variety of scholarship conducted in the Department of Communication Studies as well as representing different types and levels of academic thought. Writing style varies with students’ experience with writing as a scholarly enterprise.

The editorial board is comprised of students in the Department of Communication Studies and supervising members of the Communication Studies faculty. Typically, the membership of the editorial board changes with each issue. The intention of the editors is to ensure that essays appearing in the journal are checked for consistency in style and general clarity in writing. Owing to the breadth of theoretical, methodological, and rhetorical approaches within the purview of communication studies, the  editors subscribe to a general ethic of inclusiveness, and they endeavor to treat all essays with this ethic in mind.


As representative of the scholarship in communication studies, a number of essays in Colloquy have been presented at national and regional conferences, including the National Communication Association convention and the Western States Communication Association conference. As such, Colloquy highlights the achievements of students in the Communication Studies department while providing a forum for scholarly discussion and innovation.