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About CSGS

The mission of the Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities is to provide support for faculty, students, and community partners who investigate gender and sexuality through intersectional scholarship and activism. We advocate for work that bridges the diverse communities represented at Cal State LA and its surrounding community.

CSGS Goals Support Research:

Building Student Leadership and Academic Development

  • Present your research at the annual "Gender, Sexuality, and Power" student research conference
  • Receive a research award for your conference presentation
  • Attend CSGS and GSRC coffee hours to tell us who you want to bring to campus
  • Apply to become a CSGS student administrative assistant

Faculty Research and Professional Development

  • Apply for the CSGS Faculty Research Fellowship for one semester of course release
  • Attend the Faculty Fellow Research Lecture and CSGS events
  • Join the CSGS faculty advisory board to develop collegial ties
  • Chair a student panel (from your class or otherwise) at the CSGS student research conference

Developing Collaborative Relationships and Projects with Community Partners

  • Meet past and present community partners: Trans Latin@ Coalition, Reach LA, Allies in Arts, ONE Archives, Project Rebound, Words Uncaged
  • Participate in collaborative grant writing with community agencies
  • Join the Community Engagement Committee to help build relationships between the community and the academy


CSULA King Hall D4050   |   Telephone: 323.343.6549   |   
For more information, contact:
Ren Heintz (they/them), PhD, CSGS Director: [email protected]
Anabel Ramos (she/her), CSGS Student Coordinator: [email protected]