For TAD/TVFT Faculty with Projects in their classes

Hello TAD/MFA in TVFT professors who are assigning projects that require rehearsal space and/or resources!

If you have assigned projects that require rehearsal spaces and/or department resources such as costuming, props, and set pieces/dressing, there are just a couple things you need to do to make sure your students are taken care of.

1)    Send an email to Brittany Mejia in the TAD Main office ( with the following:

a.     Roster of names and CIN numbers (you can simply send a pdf of your roster from GET if all of the names are there).  This emailed roster will serve as your approval for students to use rehearsal space as well as borrow department materials so there is no need to send approval emails or sign any forms.

b.     A brief explanation of the projects you will be assigning, and what students may be requesting (ie: rehearsal space, use of lighting/sound, borrow props, costumes, etc…)

2)     Brittany will reply with a list of those students who need to see her to have their ID cards scanned – send them to her.  We program the students’ Cal State LA ID cards to access the Omnilocks on the rehearsal studio doors.  If a student’s card has been swiped before – at any time, any year, and for any class – then they are in the system and do not need to be reswiped. If they have never been entered, they will need to see Brittany in TA 110 in order to get their cards swiped.

Students request spacethrough  They send an email with their requests and our student workers who man the emails will make their reservations as best they can, working around classes and other rehearsals.

Once space reservation is confirmed, Gotspace will make sure their ID card is active and that they are able to access the studios.

ID cards will only be made active for students that have reserved a space.

Space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rooms that are available for use are:  MUS 101 (Arena), MUS 115, and MUS 214.  

Other resources:

If you have assigned projects that require the use or borrowing of lighting, audio, scenic, or props, please email Elizabeth Pietrzak ( to set up a time for her and/or Bruce, Tim, and Rico, to come and speak to the students about the appropriate use of the equipment and the procedures for borrowing items from stock.      

Students who need to borrow items from stock will reserve them and make appointments to come look and pick up, through