Alternative Testing

Request Alternative Testing

You must be registered with OSD to receive prescribed accommodations. Instructors are not required to provide any student with alternative testing accommodations if they are not registered with OSD. Each semester as a registered OSD student, if you plan to use accommodations for your classes you must initiate an accommodation request using the OSD Online Services system. When the Notification of Academic Support Services is sent to instructors there is a link contained in that email that instructors need to click it so that they can complete the contract. Clicking the link will direct instructors straight to the online testing contract. This is very important because before OSD can process your exam request, the alternative testing contract must be completed and submitted by your instructor. The alternative testing contracts serves as the guideline for faculty instruction regarding the implementation of the exam (i.e. materials allowed, if any, how much time will be provided for each type of exam for the entire semester and any other items pertinent to the exam. OSD is repsonbible for providing accommodations, thus we are not authorized to provide specific exam guidelines i.e. additional materials, open book, calculator, etc. (except if it is an approved accommodation which is determined on an individual basis and by the nature of the request).

Late Exam Requests

The online system will automatically flag your exam if your request is made outside of the exam request scheduling timeframe. The deadline for exam requests is 5 business days for all exams except finals. If you believe that the late request is due to an issue beyond your control, or you simply submitted your request late, please continue with scheduling the late exam. Some students receive the “late exam” notice when scheduling and do not continue the process. You must continue with the scheduling of the exam even if it is flagged as late. It is easier for our office, you and your instructor when you continue the exam request. Our office has a system in place to proceed with exams that are scheduled late, which includes contacting you directly to see if we can still approve your request. Late exam requests are addressed on an individual case basis.