Fall Move-in

We welcome you to Cal State LA and are looking forward to you moving in! The information below will assist you in transitioning into our housing community. We recommend you review the following: License Agreement 2017-2018 (hereafter “Agreement”), Student Guide 2017-2018 and Payment Schedules. Please note that as part of your Agreement, you will be held accountable for following the policies, rules and regulations set in the aforementioned documents.


In order to be eligible to check into your fall 2017 housing assignment you must have completed the following:

  •   Registered for Fall 2017 Classes (Undergraduate:12 units or more & Graduate: 9 units or more)
  •   TB Clearance (Proof you are free of tuberculosis by Health Center)
  •   Housing Fees Paid by payment due dates on GET  (Room, Board, Program Fees)
  •   Medical Consent Form (Residents who are under 18 years old only)
  •   Bring your Cal State LA One Card (One Card Office).

Also, make sure to review the following:

  •   Review the What To Bring, What Not To Bring List.
  •   Bring a portable cart or dolley to assist you as carts are limited.
  •   Be prepared to purchase your Residential Parking Permit (may not be purchased online).


Please arrive no more than 30 minutes before or after your appointment as it helps to minimize wait time. Check-in will end at 2 p.m.

Your check-in date and time slot has been emailed to you. Check your Cal State LA email. If you didn't receive it, check your junk or spam folder. If it's not there, call our office immediately.

  • Golden Eagle Apartments: Students assigned to GEA must report directly to GEA for check-in. Your keys and check in paperwork will be at the Golden Eagle Apartments, located at 5425 Dobbs St., Los Angeles, CA 90032.
  • Phase I and Phase II: All other residents will report directly to the Residential Phases I and II, located at 5300 Paseo Rancho Castilla, Los Angeles, CA 90032.

*If you are unable to check-in on your assigned date or time, please contact our office immediately. If you arrive to campus after 2 p.m., there will be limited staff and resources available (i.e. no move-in carts).


Phase I and Phase II Residents

If you are going to live in Phase I or Phase II, upon arriving, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Arrive to Lot 7 on campus (entrance on Paseo Rancho Castillo)
  2. Your vehicle will be directed to the 30-minute Unloading Only Lot (Lot 7A). Here only the student will exit the vehicle and proceed to the check-in table, while family and friends will begin to unload the vehicle.
  3. At the check-in table, the student will:
    1.    Present their Identification (Cal State LA ID, Passport, Driver’s License or State ID)
    2.    Sign a copy of their 20172018 License Agreement
    3.    Sign and receive a copy of their Apartment Condition Report
    4.    Obtain their mailbox combination
    5.    Obtain and sign for their keys
  4. Student will return to vehicle and proceed to unload and move-in.
  5. Once vehicle is unloaded the driver MUST move from the unloading area into Lot 7 to park outside of the gate.

These two maps show where to unload and park (and where not to).

Here's the map for returning residents moving in on Friday, August 18:

Map of Parking Lot in Phase I


Here's the map for new and transfer students moving on Saturday, August 19:

Map of Parking in Phase II

Golden Eagle Apartments Residents (GEA)

If you are going to live in GEA, will report directly to the apartments to unload either inside the small parking lot or along the sidewalk depending on available space. The Resident Assistant will be set up in the courtyard to assist you with your check-in process. The apartments are located just north of campus at 5425 Dobbs St., Los Angeles, CA 90032.


All residents must make their out-of-pocket payments prior to arriving on campus. Failure to satisfy all required payments will make the student ineligible for fall check-in.

Payment Options

  1. Check or Money Order: Please bring your check or money order to the Cal State LA Cashier’s Office (ADM 128). You must include on the check or money order the student’s name, campus identification number (CIN), and "Fall 2017 Housing."
  2. Online (Credit, Debit, E-Check): Please log on to CASHNet to make your online payment. Here's the full link: https://commerce.cashnet.com/csulapay.
  3. Cash: Please bring a cash payment to the Cal State LA Cashier’s Office (ADM 128). We recommend that you keep and maintain a copy of your receipt.


Students may add a Meal Plan at any time during the academic year. If you want to change or cancel your Meal Plan, you must do so prior to our official opening of the residence halls. For the fall 2017 semester, requests must be submitted in writing by Thursday, August 17, 2017.


Students requesting to cancel their License Agreement may do so by submitting the Petition to Cancel Form. Approved cancellations will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee and may incur daily prorated charges if submitted after Tuesday, July 18, 2017.


Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to change students’ assignments prior to the beginning of the contract period in the interest of housing demand, to accommodate students registered with the Office of Student Disabilities or for the benefit of the educational environment.


  • Residential Parking Lot: The parking lot for residents is adjacent to the housing complex (inside the fenced area, lot 7A). If you plan to use this lot, a residential parking permit is required. Parking rules are enforced 24/7. You can purchase a residential parking permit from the Parking and Transportation Service Center. If you purchased a non-residential parking permit at the time you registered for classes, you need to exchange it for a residential one at the Parking and Transportation Service Center.

  • Make Space for Your Roommates: Your roommates may arrive later than you. Please don’t spread your belongings to the vacant space in your room and make sure your room and apartment is ready for a new resident to move in at any time. If your belongings get in the way of another student moving in, you may be charged and subject to disciplinary action.  

  • Mail: When you check in, we’ll give you a mailbox and combination. You’ll share the mailbox with the people with whom you share a bedroom. To prevent mail theft, don’t share your mailbox combination with anyone else. There are two mail rooms located in housing for its residents: the Phase I Mail Room is located in the Community Center and the Phase II Mail Room is located next to the housing office.  

  • Don’t lose your keys! You’re responsible for keeping track of the two keys we assign you when you move in: a core key that key unlocks the front door of your apartment and a bedroom key that unlocks your bedroom door. You’re responsible for reporting lost or stolen keys them immediately, as it is a safety and access concern. You will be charged a replacement fee.

  • Work Orders: If something breaks or is not working in your apartment, please fill out a Work Order. Once you log in, just click on the Maintenance tab and fill out your Work Order.

  • Keep Our Community Safe!  The safety and security of our residents is of primary concern to the Housing and Residence Life staff. Please keep the following in mind:  

    • Keep your door locked at all times.
    • Do not give or lend your keys to anyone, including your housemates. This violates your Agreement.  
    • When leaving your apartment or going to sleep, make sure your windows and sliding doors are locked, and remember to close your blinds.
    • Tell your housemates where you are going and if you will be leaving for an extended time.
    • Report any suspicious persons or activities to campus police.
    • Always lock your front door and carry your keys with you.
    • The University is not liable for damaged or stolen belongings. You may wish to consider purchasing insurance such as GradGuard, National Student Services Inc., or Sallie Mae Insurance Services.


We hope your parents or guardians will join us for the Parent Orientation on Saturday, August 19, at 3 PM, and that your whole family will attend the picnic afterwards.

Parent Orientation and Picnic flyer

We created the videos below to invite your family to attend, both in English or Spanish:

Parent Orientation and Family Picnic [English]

Parent Orientation and Family Picnic [Español]