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Thank you for your interest in the School of Social Work at California State University, Los Angeles. Our mission is to prepare BASW and MSW students for skilled professional practice in socially, culturally and economically diverse urban communities. Our strengths-based program educates generalist social workers who are committed to social and economic justice and are able to facilitate change and growth at all levels of practice. This program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (http://www.cswe.org/).
Some of the benefits of our program are:

  1. The urban generalist focus, which prepares students to provide services across the spectrum of practice in diverse urban settings.
  2. Excellent education at an affordable price.
  3. One of the most ethnically diverse universities in the country (students and faculty).
  4. Individual attention to students by faculty and staff.
  5. Opportunity to make a contribution to social work research with the completion of thesis.

The undergraduate program offers a BA degree in Social Work. The BASW degree is designed to be completed in two years of upper division course work. Courses are offered during the day and in the evening (/sites/default/files/academic/hhs/sw/basw.php).

The Master’s of Social Work program offers a 2 year program and a 3 year program; in the 3 year program, courses are offered in the evening and Saturdays. These programs are cohorted, i.e., all students take the same courses in the same sequence (/sites/default/files/academic/hhs/sw/msw.php).

The MSW program is an Advanced Generalist program that prepares professional social workers to work across populations and settings. Part of the second year of the MSW program is devoted to one of three areas of study: Aging and Families (AF), Children Youth Women and Families (CYWF), and Forensic Social Work (FSW, available only in the 2-year program) (/academic/hhs/sw/msw.php)

Field work is an integral part of a social work education. BASW students are placed in professional social work internships for 14 hours per week in the last year of the program. MSW students have internships of 16 hours per week in the first year and 20 hours per week in the second year. In the 3-year MSW program, the internships occur in the second and third years (/sites/default/files/academic/hhs/sw/field_education.php).

The School of Social Work offers several educational stipend programs that pay for tuition and/or other expenses in exchange for a contractual commitment to work for one or two years in certain public agencies upon graduation. The California Social Work Education Center offers stipends for students who will accept employment in public child welfare agencies and in public mental health agencies. The Los Angeles County Inter-University Consortium offers stipends for students who then go on to work with the LAC Department of Child and Family Services. Stipends are also available through the Geriatric Social Work Education Center for students pursuing employment with the elderly (/sites/default/files/academic/hhs/sw/sw_grant.php).

Professional social workers at both the BASW and the MSW levels are qualified for employment in a wide range of organizations and settings. Social workers are employed as community organizers, case managers, administrators, policy analysts, clinical therapists and in many other roles. Employment opportunities are available in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, mental health facilities, substance abuse treatment facilities and senior citizen centers (http://careers.socialworkers.org/explore/choose.asp).


The MSW degree leads to employment for which passage of the California licensing examination is required. Please follow the link below for further information for these examinations.

MSW: Social Work LCSW license: 

Pass rates for CSULA students for Social Work LCSW license: