Faculty - Akhila L. Ananth, PhD

Akhila L. Ananth, PhD


PhD – Criminology, Law and Society (Graduate Feminist Emphasis), University of California, Irvine

MA – Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine

BA – Individualized Study, New York University

Dr. Ananth’s research examines constructions of race, class, and gender in the design of juvenile dependency law. Her most recent research used ethnographic and archival research to draw an analogy between the racialization of foster care and the architecture of the children’s courthouse in Los Angeles. Dr. Ananth’s other research interests include juvenile justice in the global context (specifically, in India) and the legal construction of childhood and family. She teaches in the areas of anti-prison studies, cultural geography, and gender studies. Prior to academia, Dr. Ananth worked at a public defenders’ office, an anti-domestic violence organization, and an international human rights think tank.

Curriculum Vita

Selected Publications Available Online:

Ananth, A.L. (2014). The Gracious Spaces of Children’s Law: Innocence and Culpability in the Construction of a Children’s Court. Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (63).


Photo of Dr. A. Anath

Office: Room 249, Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center
Email: aananth2@calstatela.edu
Phone: (323) 343-4877

Courses Taught :

Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System
Juvenile Justice
Probation Service Learning

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