Institute for Interactive Narrative, Research, and Technology (INART)

The Institute for Narrative Arts, Technology, and Research (INART) is home to an interdisciplinary Institute at the California States University, Los Angeles to synthesize and synergize artistic research and critical making concerned with digital narrative and critical game design. Scholars and artists work closely together to create new and fresh media content and digital stories: games, spatial story design, improv-based theater, 360°narrative, VR experiences, apps, and narrative in social media in the broadest possible sense.

INART will serve as a framework for interdisciplinary collaborations as well as a catalyst to fundamentally re-imagine what it means to share and tell stories in both a cultural and an institutional context.

The Institute for Narrative Arts, Technology, and Research is a concerted action of the Departments of Film, Television, and Media Studies, Communication Studies, Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Management, Political Science, Pan-African Studies, Department of Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies, Theatre Arts, and the Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities. INART expands the field of interactive media and creates not only new content, and new ways of inclusivity and collaboration, but also new markets, audiences and sustainable counter institutions. To this end, the INART collaborates with the creative industries, with non-for-profit organizations, and the community to develop stories and application that respond to contradictions and needs of the 21st century.