Faculty Directory

Maria Kathleen Boss (J.D., University of California, Hastings College of Law; member of the State Bar of California) Securities Regulation; Insider Trading; Employment law.
Office: ST 614 Extension: 3-2879
Email: mboss@calstatela.edu

Hsing Fang (Ph.D., Arizona State University) International Financial Management; Corporation Finance.
Office: ST 612 Extension: 3-2846
Email: hfang@calstatela.edu

Yanlan (Francis) Feng (Ph.D., City University of New York) Empirical Asset Pricing, Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Investments.
Office: ST 620 Extension: 3-2863
Email: yfeng10@calstatela.edu

Daniel Lee (Ph.D., U. C. Berkeley) Real Estate and Finance.
Office: ST 714 Extension: 3-6191
Email: dlee2@calstatela.edu

Taewon Kim (Ph.D., University of Georgia) Real Estate and Finance.
Office: ST 614 Extension: 3-2921
Email: tkim1@calstatela.edu

Ching-Hsing(Jean) Loo (Ph.D., Ohio State University) Corporate Finance; Investments.
Office: ST 316 Extension: 3-2872
Email: jloo@calstatela.edu

James Refalo (Ph.D., New York University) International Finance, Financial Institutions.
Office: ST 716 Extension: 3-6193
Email: jrefalo@calstatela.edu

Audrie Na ( Ph.D., Korea University) Investment, Empirical Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Office: ST 316 Extension: 3-5256
Email: hna5@calstatela.edu 

Lifan (Frank) Wu (Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) Corporate finance; Investments.
Office: ST 611 Extension: 3-2874
Email: lwu7@calstatela.edu

Jong Hwan Yi (Ph.D., University of Southern California) Corporate Finance; Investment Finance; Microeconomics; Managerial and Business Economics.
Office: ST 714 Extension: 3-2877

Min-Ming Wen (Ph.D., University of Connecticut) Corporate Finance; Risk Management; Insurance Finance; Corporate Governance.
Office: ST 613 Extension: 3-2878

FERP Faculty

Jack S.K.Chang (Ph.D., University of Houston) Corporate Finance; Investment and Portfolio Management.
Office: ST 611 Extension: 3-2873
Email: jchang@calstatela.edu