Why Economics?

CSULA economics students have gone on to careers in the private and public sectors, and specifically in higher education.

Careers in the Private Sector:

Cesar M. (BA, 2014) is employed as an Analyst in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of Lockton Companies, an insurance brokerage firm.  He works in downtown Los Angeles.

Emil K. (BA, 2015) works in Los Angeles as a Data Analyst at Lockton Companies, an insurance brokerage firm. 

George F. (BA, 2011) is currently employed as a Business Analyst at a high fashion apparel company, BCBG Max Azria, LLC.

Jordan T. (BSBA, 2013) is currently an account executive at Riot Creative Imaging, a media services firm in Los Angeles.

Lizzette A. (MA, 2013) is currently a Data and Financial Analyst for the American Film Institute.

Myasnik P. (MA, 2012) serves as Economist and Assistant Vice President at Bank of the West.

Victor G. (BA, 2015) is employed as a Business Analyst for Southern California Gas Company headquartered in Los Angeles.


Careers in the Public Sector:

Chad L. (BA, 2004; MA, 2006) is employed as an economist for the Internal Revenue Service.

Samantha G. (BA, 2006) earned a Master’s at UC Santa Barbara.  She currently is an examiner at the California Department of Financial Institutions, which oversees the operations of state-licensed financial institutions.


Careers in Higher Education:

Gabriela B. (BA, 2003) earned a PhD in economics at UC Irvine.  She is currently an assistant professor at Cal State Fullerton.

Joanne S. (BA, 2008) earned a PhD in economics at UC Irvine.  She is starting as an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo in Fall 2014.

Sanae T. (BA, 1994; MA, 1996) earned a PhD in economics from Claremont Graduate University.  She is an associate professor in the economics department at Rhode Island College.