Economics Upper Division Course Offerings

Course Offerings are Subject to Change


ECON 401      Mathematical Economics (Yoon)
ECON 403      Macroeconomics (Hazra)
ECON 426      International Political Economy (Acevedo, Political Science)
ECON 430      Labor Economics (Larson)
ECON 433      Economics of the Public Sector (Finney)
ECON 460      Economics of Developing Countries (Hazra)
ECON 462      International Monetary Economics (Lai)
ECON 510      Applied Microeconomic Analysis (Castillo)
ECON 561      Seminar: International Economics (Pollard)


ECON 350      Economics of Poverty and Inequality in the U.S. (Larson)
ECON 414      Econometrics I (Sapra)
ECON 415      Applied Economic & Business Forecasting (Chen)
ECON 434      Environmental Economics (Finney)
ECON 465      Current Issues in Latin American Economies (Castillo)
ECON 490      Issues in the Economics of Globalization (Castillo)
ECON 520      Macroeconomics & Monetary Policy (Cui)
ECON 560      Current Issues in Economic Development (Pollard)


ECON 410      Microeconomics (Finney)
ECON 426      International Political Economy (Larson)
ECON 435      Market Indicators & Federal Reserve Policy (Castillo)
ECON 440      Urban & Regional Economics (Finney)
ECON 461      Economics of International Trade (Sapra)
ECON 472      Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining (Larson)
ECON 491      Data Analysis, Reporting and Presentation (Finney)
ECON 514      Seminar: Econometric Analysis & Applications (Yoon)
ECON 521      Seminar: International Macro & Currency Crisis (Hazra)


The department offers a number of core courses in the summer.  The course schedule will be available by mid-Spring.



The majority of these classes are offered in the 4:20-6:00 p.m., 6:10-7:50 p.m., and 6:10-10:00 p.m. time modules. Econ 433 will be offered during the daytime.

ECON 360, an upper-division General Education course, is offered in both Fall and Winter quarters.