Alternative Media Production Center (AMPC)

LOCATION: Library Palmer Wing, Room 1080
Phone: (323) 343-3138
Alternative Format Requests:
OSD Online Services (AIM)
E-text Confirmations: E-text Confirmation Form

The Alternative Media Production Center (AMPC) provides students with disabilities with alternative media that allows them to read their class curriculum using assistive technology. Formats include Braille, Word DOC, PDF, EPUB, and Kurzweil files. 

The center produces digital copies of academic textbooks into the forms students need so they can keep up with their academic reading. Students use software programs such as Jaws, Magic and Kurzweil to read their materials. Students should inquire with the Alternative Media Production Center Coordinator to establish their account for Kurzweil.

Students who might benefit from this service need to receive this accommodation from their disability specialists as explained in the Office for Students with Disabilities Policies and Procedures Manual.

Eligible students who want to request materials, must do so each semester through the OSD Online Services (AIM). Students should follow up at the Alternative Media Production Center Coordinator, to determine the specialized format of their E-texts. The earlier the staff knows of a student's need, the earlier they can begin working on providing students with alternative formatted materials. An alternative format request must be confirmed with a receipt for the textbook requested so that the E-text will be available to the the student after the files are completed.

If you would like to confirm an alternative format request because you will remain enrolled in the course, will be purchasing the book at the beginning of the semester and are unable to turn in a receipt at the time of your request, you can confirm through the online E-text Confirmation form.  

Students who make Alternative Format requests four weeks (or earlier) before the beginning of the next semester and have all of the paperwork required including textbook receipts will have their e-books ready on the first day of class. After that deadline, students will receive their books within four weeks of their requests, as long as they have completed all of the paperwork required.