Alternative Media Production Center (AMPC)

LOCATION: Library Palmer Wing, Room 1080
Phone: (323) 343-3138
Alternative Format Requests:
OSD Online Services (AIM)
E-text Confirmations: E-text Confirmation Form

The Alternative Media Production Center (AMPC) produces media that allow students with disabilities to read their class curriculum in alternative ways. Formats include, but are not limited to, Braille, Word, pdf, mp3 files and Daisy files. 

The center also produces digital copies of books, journal articles and other handouts into formats students need so they can keep up with their academic reading. There are various software programs that students use such as Jaws, Wynn, Read and Write and Kurzweil.

Each semester eligible students with an e-text accommodation should:

  • Request the accommodation using the OSD Online Services (AIM)
  • Confirm your request by contacting the AMPC
  • Submit purchase receipts of textbooks so that we can begin processing your materials.
  • Purchase receipts can be submitted to
  • *Textbook conversion cannot begin without confirmation of registered classes and proof of purchase.

*Please note that AMPC has specific guidelines that inform which materials can be produced. All materials submitted to the AMPC may not be eligible for production. You will need to consult with the AMPC staff to ensure your requests fall under the appropriate guidelines.

For additional questions regarding converted materials, please contact or visit the AMPC.