Accessible Technology and Learning Center (ATLC)


The ATLC is a resource facility supporting the students who have disabilities at California State University, Los Angeles. Services include training, assessment, and technology assistance.

Centrally located on campus, the facility is on the first floor of the Palmer Wing (Library South) in room 1080. The tutorial, writing, academic advising and testing centers and the Information Technology Help Desk are in close proximity to the center. At the center, students will find sixteen (PC) workstations, one Macintosh, a computer for scanning and printing in color, one training workstation and the office for the ATLC Coordinator; plus students now have an additional three workstations located on the third floor of Library South that can be used on an appointment basis only. Call 323-343-3138 if you have any questions.


The center provides access technologies for students with disabilities for locations all over campus and has some loaner CCTV equipment for those with visual disabilities. All public computing labs at Cal State LA have licensed copies of Jaws, Magic and Kurzweil 3000 installed. Accessible test taking equipment is also available. The lab has two CCTVs as well.

Many locations offer CCTV equipment for the visually impaired, including the library first floor and private rooms on the basement - A level. Students are able to scan materials they need in all the public labs and at the ATLC. Dragon software is installed on several laptop computers that students can use to dictate in a location, of their preference, without interruption. Additional wheelchair accessible tables are in place in most of the public and classroom computing labs on campus, including the library.

Training and Assessment

Training is provided in four ways at the Accessible Technology Learning Center. Student Assistants are in the lab to help students learn how to use a variety of standardized software applications including Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Tutorial training for those using assistive technology is arranged by contacting the ATLC Coordinator at 323-343-3138. Students who are eligible for the WAIV program are able to arrange training on an appointment only basis through OSD by calling 323-343-3140. All students can use the training site which is part of the Mycsula.  Additionally, students can arrange an computer assessment test to see how knowledgeable they are in a variety of standard software including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, operating system, and typing skills.​.

Technology Access

CSULA is implementing the ATI, Accessible Technology Initiative, as sponsored by the Cal State University system Chancellor's Office. This initiative is promoting access to instructional materials and web pages. The ATLC is used for testing of these materials on a limited basis, to help the university develop better procedures and policies related to information and computer access.

ATLC Lab Hours

The lab is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm. Fridays, the lab is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Hours are subject to change related to the Library's schedule. The lab is not open during quarter breaks, weekends, holidays or furlough days.

ATLC Eligibility

Use of the ATLC facilities and equipment is restricted to those who are currently enrolled as Cal State L.A. students in a degree, credential, or certificate program.

ATLC Policies and Rules

The ATLC is a public academic study area for students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities and requires students to be courteous to others and to handle the computers and facilities with care. 

  • Student Responsibility and Behavior

​When a student's behavior is reported to be disruptive either due to their loud talking, joking or yelling, they may be asked to leave. Additionally when students threaten or insult students or staff at the lab, they too may be asked to leave.

Refusal to leave upon request of staff will result in campus security/police being notified to escort the student from the premises.

  • Use of Equipment

Students are not permitted to eat or drink at their workstations. This is to protect the equipment from excessive debris and damage. Students will be asked to put their food items away along with any drink containers on staff observation the first time, and then if the behavior continues they will be asked to leave the lab. Students also must be currently enrolled to have access to the ATLC.