Wireless Network Access

Welcome to the Cal State L.A. wireless network.

The following resources are useful for all students, employees and guests requiring access to the campus wireless network.

Improving our Campus Wi-Fi Network

Since 2013, ITS has evaluated and enhanced Wi-Fi access in high-density student usage areas to accommodate the increasing use of multiple devices by our students.  The Golden Eagle Food Court and Salazar upgrades are now completed, and King Hall is currently underway with completion expected during summer 2014 quarter.  The next phase is a pilot to upgrade our network to the new Wi-Fi standard, the next generation 802.11ac, which is also known as Gigabit Wi-Fi.  This new standard will provide transfer speeds up to three times faster than our current network.  Upon completion of this project, Cal State L.A. will be the first and only CSU campus to be operating campus wide on the new standard.  ITS is committed to staying ahead of the curve by providing reliable, comprehensive network coverage for Cal State L.A. students.

Wireless image